ACT-Accelerated Change Template (ACT) Belief Change System


ACT-Accelerated Change Template (ACT) Belief Change System

ACT-Accelerated Change Template (ACT) Belief Change System

The recordings of eight (8) information and transformation packed calls including Q&A time as I walk you through my ACT™ Belief Change System. It includes over 13 hours of audio training, and my comprehensive course materials, templates, diagrams, charts, and forms.

This even includes about 4 hours of video training to demonstrate how to properly do the steps of the change process step by step.

Once you receive the ACT™ Belief Change System, you will be able to immediately dive in and start learning how to create positive, supportive beliefs. In this training, you will be able to get crystal clear about which goal(s) you want to achieve, the exact beliefs you need to change in order to achieve it (This alone can start to transform your business and life results immediately), and the powerful change processes to align your beliefs in just minutes.

Module 1: How the brain works and how beliefs are formed
Module 2: Choose: How to choose and create an overall goal for the subconscious mind
Module 3: Communicate: (Video) Step by Step video tutorial to learn how to quickly and accurately communicate with your subconscious mind
Module 4: Clarify: How to communicate your goal in the exact language of the subconscious mind. How to translate your goal and what you want to achieve to the most powerful part of your mind in the language it understands using the Accelerated Intention Method (AIM)™
Module 5: Elicit Highest Priority Beliefs: (Video) Step by Step video tutorial to learn how to identify the highest priority beliefs you need to change
Module 6: Align Highest Priority Beliefs and Levels of Permission: (Video) Step by Step video tutorial to learn 3 ACT™ Alignment processes so you can change your beliefs in minutes
Module 7: Facilitate live session: (Video) Step by Step video tutorial to demonstrate exactly how to facilitate a belief change session from beginning to end. There will also be a “hot seat” private session on the live call
Module 8: Open Q&A Call to get the most out of the ACT Belief Change System and use it in your business and in your life.

You’re also going to get these great bonuses.

Bonus #1 – Over 300 Belief Statements in 11 Categories
I’ve been collecting thousands of beliefs since 1995 that I’ve personally aligned for myself and thousands of others. As a way to get you started right away, and get the creative juices flowing, you’ll receive over 300 actual belief statements that you can use in 11 different business and life categories (money/wealth, career/business building, fame/reputation (getting known), getting help and support from others – including the right staff and mentors, health, knowledge/skills, creativity/innovation, having and attracting the right relationships with spouse/partners/family/team, etc) You can “install” these statements directly into your subconscious mind exactly as they are, or change them to fit your exact goals. (Value: $197)

Bonus #2 – The Accelerated Change Template (ACT)™ Step by Step Blueprint
One of my big secrets to success is that I paid attention to the processes I used to get results for myself and when coaching clients and out of that I created replicatable systems. This is what people pay me, and will pay you, the big bucks for. I’m going to give you access to my exclusive “ACT™ Belief Change Blueprint” so you can walk through this belief transforming process in a total step by step, paint by number process. Every step of the process is clearly mapped out for you in a flow chart that you can follow. This is one of the keys to being able to confidently implement and use the ACT™ system right away without needing weeks, months or years of experience to get started with yourself or others!

Get immediately download ACT-Accelerated Change Template (ACT) Belief Change System

The ACT Belief Change Blueprint is the roadmap on exactly how to navigate the change process. It walks you through each and every step to facilitate the change. I was told by industry leaders that it was impossible to map out this change, and that it simply could not be done. Well, all along I knew it was a system. That’s how my “engineer” mind works. It wasn’t easy, but this particular blueprint took over 15 years of hands on experience and over 160 hours to map out and create. It’s like having me right along side you as you facilitate the belief change for yourself. (Value: Priceless!)

You’ll have all the course content in a beautiful workbook binder, ACT™ blueprint, CDs, DVDs, belief statements, templates, forms, sample worksheets and more so you can refer to it every time you need to change your limiting beliefs. This is a critical resource that should be included in every success library.

Every call in the exclusive ACT Mentorship Program™ 8 part teleclass series was recorded, transcribed, and is included in the ACT Belief Change System.

This amazing home study course includes:

My Amazingly Simple Accelerated Intention Method (AIM)™ template so you translate your conscious goal into the language your subconscious mind understands (you can use this format over and over for your own goals)

My proprietary “Accelerated Change Template (ACT)™ Belief Change Blueprint” which takes you step by step through the entire change process (as if I’m right there with you). Use it as a paint by numbers system to walk you through every single step of the change process. People struggled for years before I finally developed this!

My Accelerated Success Kit (ASK)™. Why do you need this? Because this module gives you a comprehensive video tutorial on many of the different ways to communicate with the subconscious mind. You also receive the video instruction on how to do this with yourself and with others, as well as a special tool that I personally use to communicate directly with my subconscious mind. (And I take it with me wherever I go!)

The video tutorial of ACT™ Alignments – these videos demonstrate, teach, and walk you through the ACT™ Alignment processes that you can refer to over and over again. The written step by step instructions are also included in your course materials.

A video of an actual (ACT)™ Belief Change Session – this is a complete, unrehearsed, actual session which shows you how an actual session might go, what it might look like, and how to follow the system step by step from beginning to end.

This is THE complete system where I reveal my 5 simple step C.L.E.A.R™ process that helped me to:
Change my subconscious beliefs in minutes

Become THE expert and leader in my industry (instead of the best-kept secret)

Create products and programs to make it easy to share my gifts with my ideal clients

Duplicate myself so I can reach more people and make a massive difference in the world

Design a business that fit my desired lifestyle of working from home, living where we want, spending plenty of quality time with my husband (and my houseplants), and taking amazing vacations on our own schedule (we just booked our trip to Italy!)

It’s the PERFECT next step to support your business and your life once you’ve been through the Accelerated Change Template (ACT)™  Belief Change System. You’ll have all the tools and resources you need as reference materials to change your limiting beliefs for years to come. This is a complete resource where you can go to get a quick refresher, sharpen your skills, and get answers to your questions.

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