Aromatherapy Home Study Course & 48 Hour Certification Exam


Aromatherapy Home Study Course & 48 Hour Certification Exam

Aromatherapy Home Study Course & 48 Hour Certification Exam

I highly recommend well-known author and Certified Aromatherapist KG Stiles books and courses!”
-John L. Turner, M.D. Neurosurgeon and author Medicine, Miracles & Manifestations

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This Aromatherapy Home Study Course Training Guide is a condensed version of, The 8-Week Aromatherapy Online Course. Use it to brush up on course sections or for reference. It may also be used when completing the exam questions.

*Please Note: It is not necessary to complete the exam to receive CEU. In most cases the receipt for purchase of your 8-Week Aromatherapy Online Course is all that’s required. Check with your credentialing or licensing association for specific details.

The Aromatherapy Training – Healing with Essential Oils
The Use of Plant Aromatics for Health and Well-being is a comprehensive introduction to aromatherapy for self study on the use of essential oils. Aromatherapy and healing with essential oils may be used:

  • In your professional practice
  • Home or work place
  • Easily assimilated by business owners
  • Student beginners
  • Lay-persons who simply desire to enhance the quality of their life by using nature’s aromatic healing wisdom.

This introduction to aromatherapy is filled with the practical tools needed for effective application of aromatherapy in any setting.

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The true practice of aromatherapy is a wedding of both science and art and one of the most powerful forms of healing known for enhancing one’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. For centuries aromatic essential oils have been used to enhance the vital life force energies as they contain the life force of the plant. As the life force essence of a plant pure essential oils are highly concentrated, a drop or two can produce significant results.

Aromatherapy is a perfect complement to a professional therapeutic practice, or for use in the work place or at home, and very easy to integrate. In your professional practice the myriad benefits of essential oils can greatly enhance a client’s overall experience, as well as increase your perceived value as a medical professional, therapist or bodywork practitioner. Aromatic oils can add a memorable quality to your business identity and encourage client loyalty.

Essential oils are commonly used to promote:

  • Inner harmony
  • Health and well-being
  • Healthy immune function
  • Relaxation
  • Respiratory health
  • Relief of muscle tension and pain
  • Enhanced mood
  • Balanced emotions
  • Relief of colds and flu
  • Relief of insomnia
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Menopause
  • Anti-aging
  • Skin care and more…


WHAT YOU WILL LEARN – Topics and Objectives

Presentation and practical experience of fifteen aromatic plant oils and their primary effects and uses. Inhale and discuss each of the fifteen oils. Practice blending essential oils for use. In this 48 hour aromatherapy program you will have an opportunity to experience and learn about fifteen pure essential oils to have on hand for achieving therapeutic results, along with all the practical information you will need for introducing aromatherapy into your professional business practice or for use in your home, or workplace, along with the best methods of application to use for therapeutic results.

By the end of this introduction to aromatherapy, you will be able to:

  • Use direct inhalation methods to promote harmony, balance and healing
  • Make a massage oil for relaxation
  • Make aromatic mists for aura cleansing, lifting the mood, energy clearing, skin care enhancing the ambiance of a room for meditation and healing treatments
  • Make a muscle pain relief blend
  • Make aromatic medicines for a variety of health conditions
  • Make a perfume oil
  • Make French clay facial and body masques
  • Make body butters, exfoliating sugar scrubs & salt glow
  • Make hair & scalp treatments
  • Make a lip balm & repair butter
  • Make cleansing bath salts
  • Use essential oils in for rejuvenating and healing bath
  • Use steam inhalation to support your respiratory system and for skin care
  • Use a diffuser to lift your senses and enhance the environment of your home or workplace
  • Learn about culinary wellness oils & cooking with essential oils
  • Make eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Use essential oils for healthy laundry care
  • Use essential oils for animal & pet care

FORMAT – Key Elements for Enjoying the Benefits of Aromatherapy

  1. Aromatherapy Terms
  2. What are Essential Oils?
  3. A Brief History on the Ancient Practice of Aromatherapy
  4. Distillation Methods
  5. How Aromatherapy Works
  6. 2 Charts: Aromatherapy Delivery Pathway & Electro-chemical Effects
  7. 15 Key Essential Oils to have on hand for healing and self care in your professional practice, home, or work place and why. The fifteen pure essential oils: Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Rose Geranium, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang III, plus sample perfume vials of Bergamot, Lemon, Sweet Marjoram, Rosemary verbenon, Cypress, Ravensara, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange
  8. Experience & Note Effects of each of the fifteen
  9. GC/MS Testing – the Gold Standard of Purity
  10. Methods of Application for Best Results
  11. Safe Use of Essential Oils, “Hot Oils” & Proper Storage
  12. Essential Oils Dilution Guide
  13. Shelf Life of Essential Oils
  14. Making Aromatherapy Products
    Aromatherapy Blending – Top, Middle, Base Notes
  15. How to select oils with chemical properties for therapeutic results
  16. The Twelve Chemical Families – Archetypal Pattern & Elemental Power
    Six Chemical Families – Properties, Actions & Effects
    Ester Chemical Family – Protectors & Nurturers
    Alcohol Chemical Family – Lovers
    Monoterpene Chemical Family – Athletes
    Sesquiterpene Chemical Family – Wise Elders & Compassionate Ones
    Oxide Chemical Family – Liberators
    Phenol Chemical Family – Warriors
  17. The Language of Aroma – 18 Classifications
  18. Making Aromatherapy Products II
    Formulating Spa Treatments
  19. Making Aromatherapy Products III
    Aromatic Medicine – Formulating Health & Wellness Treatments
  20. Balance Masculine & Feminine Energies
  21. Regulator Essential Oils
  22. Holy Oils – Ancient Oils for Healing & Anointing Rituals
  23. Cooking with Essential Oils
  24. Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies
  25. Introducing Essential Oils into your Professional Practice, Home or Work place
  26. Energy & Chakra Healing
  27. Chakra Balancing Treatments
  28. Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation
  29. References, Suggested Reading & Resources



“The importance of scent has long been underestimated. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that smells alone can stimulate amazing reactions in the body. One aroma may enhance memory while another assuages anxiety. Any systematic approach to wellness should include multi-sensory stimuli and I can think of no one better to teach aromatherapy than KG Stiles. Her 30 years of experience combined with her passion to assist and facilitate the personal growth and wellness of all is unsurpassed! It is without hesitation that I recommend KG’s Aromatherapy course.”
~Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., FAPA, NY Times Best-selling author, “Choices & Illusions”

The Aromatherapy Professional takes olfaction to a deeper level of understanding and effectively teaches us how we may heal using aroma through inhalation. As KG Stiles cites, Hippocrates said, “There is a remedy for everything to be found in Nature,” and KG’s instruction in formulations for face, and skin rejuvenation, relaxation and self care, as well as health and wellness treatments are well worth the price of admission. I highly recommend this course to all who are interested in holistic curing and the way that aromatherapy can be applied as an effective Mind Body technique.”
~John L. Turner, M.D., Neurosurgeon, Author, “Medicine, Miracles & Manifestations

“It has been a pleasure working with KG Stiles, Certified Aromatherapist. She has been a key resource in creating a hospital based Aromatherapy program. The Aromatherapy program for Comfort Care will be an avenue for both patients and staff to experience the therapeutic principals and applications of essential oils. KG has been very instrumental with educating the staff about essential oils. Thank you KG.”
~Linda McGwire, RN, BSN, HNC-B

“KG has offered a detailed, fascinating exploration of aromatherapy and the effects these subtle yet powerful substances have on our physiology and emotions. I highly recommend anyone interested in this field to check out the course.”
~Dr. Steven Farmer, Best-selling author, “Animal Spirit Guides” & “Earth Magic”

“Scent can be a powerful trigger for healing our memories and associations. In The Aromatherapy Professional KG brings her incredibly thorough and deep knowledge of aroma therapy and neural re-conditioning together to help you learn how to use aromas to heal old issues and re-write your associations to create new stories and paradigms…this course is mind-blowing!”
~Ian Blei, Founder Optimized Results, Author, “Kind Ambition”


A Licensed and Accredited Mind Body Therapist, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Holistic Health Educator with state massage licenses in both Oregon #2313 (retired) and Hawaii #6351 KG is the founding Director of Health Mastery Systems®, and PurePlant Essentials™ aromatherapy. KG has worked with many celebrities over the past three decades and has been referred to as the, “Aromatherapist to the Stars!” Her clients have included entrepreneurs and top executives, and her advice and services have been used not only by internationally famous celebrities and athletes, but also by individuals, small business owners, spa therapists, hospitals and medical centers.

KG specializes in formulating custom aromatherapy blends for healthy living. Her essential oil formulations include blends to promote balance and healing for colds and flu, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, menopause, anti-aging, skin care, the chakras and more. Her new book about, “Essential Oils,” is scheduled for release by Page Street Publishing, January 31, 2017.

As a consultant KG has helped develop programs of aromatherapy, energy healing, massage and bodywork for individual clients, the spa industry, resorts, schools and health clubs, health clinics and hospitals.

KG’s aromatherapy certification trainings have included health professionals (doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, hospice care workers, and chiropractors), as well as business owners, students and lay persons.

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