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Built To Sell Ecommerce Academy

Built To Sell Ecommerce Academy

“Discover the Exact System Earnest used to Retire His Wife & Himself With One Online Store in 90ty Days!”

Before we begin I need your commitment on something…

But first why are you even here? Yeah I know to make money But why?

Now I’m committed to pouring into you for the 20-30 minutes…

What I’m asking you right now to do is your commitment to your why

MY MISSION: Create 12 Ecommerce entrepreneurs in 12 months to get 7-Figure Checks!


.and how you’ll be able to do it faster than me being a wise man/woman

This was without using any of these…

  • Oberlo
  • FB Ads
  • Etsy
  • Aliexpress
  • Alibaba

And Without Ever Leaving The Country!

Unless for fun travels of course

The process I use is very simple…

Find A Product Selling – Target Market – Dropship Suppliers – Sell & Collect the Cash

Best of all.. Our System works 24/7 without me and the profit from the sales pay for all my marketing expenses…

Who Will Be The Next Dropshipping Success Story?

My Disclaimer…

Everything I’m about to share with you is not typical.

Most of the people that are watching this will not accomplish what I’ve accomplished or the other people I’m going to share with you have accomplished. In fact, most of the people watching this will go back to doing the same thing they’ve always done and not implement anything I’m sharing. Obviously if you do that, you won’t get any results.

In fact, most of the people who buy training from me don’t do the work, and they don’t get the results. It is honestly that simple.

Our Agenda for Today…

  1. How to Identify the Hottest High Ticket Products to Sell Online
  2. Discover how to market to customers already looking for those products
  3. The Secret to Setting up your very own 24/7 working eCom ATM.

At the end, I’ve got a Special Surprise for you…

And just so you know I will be making a special offer at the end to learn even more advanced techniques because I won’t have time to cover everything today in the training.

So where did Earnest begin his Journey?

As an HR Manager I felt like I was in a boiler room type call center phone

The thought of not being their for my kids and providing for my family was still in the back of my mind…

Earnest Story

  • Definition of Dropshipping: Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

Earnest Story

Dropshipping for me meant:

No Inventory

Low/No Overhead

Trade Money for Money

I went in and fired my BOSSHOLEỈ

And 4 months after that I was able to replace my Fiancee’s

I joined the paycation club thanks to Dropshipping

That’s right I don’t pay for vacations because my Dropshipping Business sends me and my family to places like.

Okay, time to roll up the sleeves, And let’s DIVE IN!

Phase 1 Find A Product Selling “Picking Phenomenal Products That Profit”

  • Must have a minimum average price point of $200
  • Must target the right market/demographic of upper middle class
  • Must have at least 15 dropship friendly suppliers
  • Sell the product and get order processed

Phase 1 Find A Product Selling

Why is pricing so important?

Iphone Charger Sales @ 1% = 10 sales Iphone Charger Revenue = $100

Electric Fireplace @ 1% = 10 Sales Electric Fireplace Revenue = $6000


Phase 1 Find A Product Selling

How to know if your product meets the right pricing criteria?

  • Go to the Google enter product idea
  • Click on shopping section
  • Review left hand column
  • Review PLA’s
  • Write down what the avg. market value is for that product

Phase 1 Find A Product Selling

Why average price matters?

  • Understand the current market value of what consumers are currently spending
  • Higher likelihood for better profits
  • Typically when dealing directly with suppliers you’ll be able to avg. margins of 20%-30% •Attract better customers

Keep Brainstorming

  • Other things that helped me for product selection based on the Criteria

oGoing to big box retail stores oGoing to mom and pop shops cGoing to the mall

  • Magazines, Book Stores, Library
  • Checking out Amazon Top Sellers List
  • Checking out eBay Top Sellers List
  • Online Directories: Craigslist, For Sale FB Grouf

Target Market

Must target the right market continued…

Why is this important?

  • Income class breakdown behavior:
  • Middle
  • Avg. Household income over $35,000 but less than $55,000 annually
  • Good prospect but typically will want to finance larger purchases
  • Budget Shopper
  • Moderate risk of returns
  • Low/No disposable income

Phase 3: Dropship Friendly Suppliers

  • How to know if your suppliers products are dropship friendly?

Find a competitor website(s)

Make sure the website doesn’t have a physical location such as a showroom, warehouse or storefront

If the website doesn’t have any of the above that confirms it’s dropship friendly.

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