Cathleen King – Primal Trust – Level 2 Mentorship Class


“For those who have been utilizing brain retraining/neuroplasticity work to heal from chronic illness there can come a time where there’s a knowing that something a bit deeper needs to be explored. Format File: [WebRips – 10 MP3 + 44 M… (NEW)

Cathleen King – Primal Trust – Level 2 Mentorship Class

Cathleen King - Primal Trust - Level 2 Mentorship Class 1


“An inherent sense of safety that is a felt sense of innate okayness, personal power and deeply belonging to your body, this earth and to life itself.” – Dr. Cathleen King, DPT
How I created the Primal Trust™ Mentorship:

“For those who have been utilizing brain retraining/neuroplasticity work to heal from chronic illness there can come a time where there’s a knowing that something a bit deeper needs to be explored. There becomes a desire to go within and explore the patterns and trauma that may have been buried beneath the surface, the ones that primed the body for the original dis-ease. Cathleen’s Primal Trust Mentorship provided the tools I needed to fill in the gaps in a way that was effortless for my nervous system to integrate and allow for the new discovery of self-expression and self-empowerment unique to only me. Where retraining is brilliant at starting the ball rolling to reestablish health and function, Cathleen’s course provides the map back to true self, a vibrant, purposeful life and knowing that whatever life offers up, I can and will handle it.”

– Dawn Minami – Primal Trust Graduate and Life Coach

Primal Trust™ Level 2 Mentorship

​Are you STILL not finding freedom from ​

Lyme Disease, Mold, CFS, Anxiety, Trauma Patterns, Etc?

​This mentorship is for those on an advanced self-healing journey who have a chronic illness and trauma pattern history.

​I teach you WHY you are still stuck and HOW to break the pattern to get back into life.

Primal Trust Description

What’s This About?​

The mentorship combines brain rewiring, somatic healing, trauma-informed learning, child attachment repair to create a simple streamlined approach to holistic healing.

This revolutionary mentorship training is based on my doctoral-level training

in neuroscience and physical therapy, over 20 years of experience working with chronic conditions (both in myself and my patients as a physical therapist and coach), and my intuitive understanding of how to navigate the complexities of the psyche and energy systems affected by trauma and chronic illness.

​I weave multiple revolutionary approaches together in a unique way that you won’t find elsewhere.

Are you already doing another process such as brain retraining or trauma healing? Good news!

​This program is also meant to be an ADJUNCT to help you with your current process and doesn’t need to replace it.

​I work primarily with those who have experience in other brain retraining programs such as DNRS, Gupta, Joe Dispenza, etc and teach them how to better orient their current rewiring process and learn to use my ABC brain rewiring technique. If you don’t have a current brain retraining process, that’s okay, you will learn my process in the mentorship.

I’ve got you covered!

​Mentorship Overview

Dr Cat’s 3 Pillar Approach To Transformation:

#1 Brain Retraining and Nervous System Regulation

#2 Structured Action

Implement my “Daily Structure Sheet” process: your self-created roadmap of transformation.

#3 Resolve Resistance

Break sabotage patterns through inner attachment repair, parts work, and belief remodeling

End your yo-yo patterns in your healing journey!

The Primal Trust™ formula that you will learn to embody…



(Resilient Adult Brain State)



(Values Oriented Living)


Primal Trust Mentorship Course Overview

*new modules will be added on the Jan 2022 Schedule- to be announced soon

Class 1

Emotional Regulation

Identity Awareness

Class 2

True Self Discovery Process

ABC Dimensional Shift© Brain Rewiring Technique

Class 3

Standing in Your Values

There’s Nothing To Fix

Class 4

Dr. Cat’s Daily Structure Sheet – True Orientation and Action

Creation and Purpose

Class 5

Psychological Conflict Resistance Awareness

Somatic Presence vs Fixing It

Class 6

Vision Quest

True Purpose

Class 7

Divine Neutrality and the Zero Point field

Class 8

Self Resourcing and Heart’s Truth

Class 9

Self Generating Primal Trust Frequency

Surrendering To The Medicine Of Your Heart

Coming Soon…

Jan-May 2022​

*Included as part of the new Primal Trust™ Academy and Community

ALL-ACCESS MEMBERSHIP- Opening Winter 2021

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New Modules

5 month Live Training, Level 2 Mentorship- included in Community Membership

New Small Group Mentoring Bonus Add-on

Now adding extra weekly sessions for small group, deep-dive processing time With Dr Cat

9 core training classes (15 hours total)​

9 core brain repatterning attunements (5 hours total)

9 core implementation experiential classes (15 hours total)

9 Q&A sessions (15 hours total)

20+ guided tools/practices

Bonus classes from Living Alchemy included

85-page workbook

Group Study Pods

Private Small group mentoring options with Dr Cat


Signal App – Buddy/Group Practice Meetups

Here’s What You’ll Get in Cathleen King – Primal Trust – Level 2 Mentorship Class

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