Dream Clients on Autopilot


Dream Clients on Autopilot

Dream Clients on Autopilot

Attract Clients, Customers & Followers dying to work with you at Premium Rates – completely on Autopilot!


* attract DREAM CLIENTS that already know and respect you…

* are ready & expect to pay PREMIUM PRICES

* completely on AUTOPILOT

* while you earn the prestigious “BESTSELLING AUTHOR” status without:

spending thousands of dollars on marketing
in fact, without knowing anything about book marketing
without waiting for a traditional book deal that may never come
without spending months and years writing your first book
and without being famous or having a large following

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and become a well-respected influencer in your field?

Then self-publishing is – BY FAR – the fastest way to get you there!

And at a fraction of the cost of Facebook Ads or SEO while gaining the prestige of a bestselling author with readers who already trust and like you before they even contact you or become subscribers and followers.
What’s included in
Dream Clients on Autopilot?

Dream Clients on Autopilot includes instant access to:

12 Kick Butt Step-By-Step Modules
4 Sassyliscious Bonuses
Special Bonus: MINI COURSE “How To Land Influencer Endorsements Like A Pro”
Lifetime access and login 24/7
30 day 100% money back guarantee (see details below)

12 Kick Butt Step-by-Step Modules:

MODULE 1: Discover Your Brand

Branding Basics
Core Values
Define Your Unique Brand
The 3 Ws
Client Avatars

MODULE 2: Niche Down, Baby

Get immediately download Dream Clients on Autopilot

Why a Sub Niche is CRUCIAL
21 Awesome Tools to drill down, hear from your customers and find an abundance of marketable sub niches within your field
Tools & Tips to VALIDATE your final candidates

MODULE 3: Cracking the Bestseller Code

Why Publishing is the easiest way to grow a following and get free Leads & Clients (Amazon even pays you for it)
The Amazon Algorithm
How to trigger it long term, so Amazon will be selling your book FOR YOU!

MODULE 4: Winning Book Topics & The Evergreen Bestseller Hack

In-depth over-the-shoulder look how I research book topics in Amazon
Numbers and parameters to go by
Rookie Mistakes and what to avoid
Special Evergreen HACK

MODULE 5: Writing An Awesome Bestseller

Writing a Winning Outline
What sells on Amazon
What if you are not a Writer?
Daily Writing Routine
How to complete your 1st draft in 1 week

MODULE 6: Pre-Launch Marketing – Time to Hustle!!

Setting up Launch Week Promos (most suck…)
Press releases & Media
Editorial Reviews
Assembling a Launch Team
15+ Marketing Resources to Launch with a Bang

MODULE 7: Getting to #1 – Categories & Keywords

SUPER IMPORTANT – this will make or break you long term
watch me over-the-shoulder research keywords
and categories (remember that #1 Bestseller ranking)

MODULE 8: Styling Your Book To Awesomeness

Covers (NO DYI!)
Print Version
Lead Magnet & Landing Page

MODULE 9: Get Ready To Launch!!

Upload your book to KDP
What to consider?
Optimized book page for Amazon’s Algorithm
Create an Awesome Author Page
Setting up Launch Week Promos

MODULE 10: Launch Time!! – Time To Crush It!!

What to do during Launch week?
Keep building Momentum
Interact with your Readers
How do deal with (the very few) negative reviews

MODULE 11: Post Launch – Now What…?

How to keep’em selling – SO Important!
20+ effective strategies to keep the momentum up post-launch
Growing your Catalogue

MODULE 12: Sassyliscious Brand Explosion

Expand your Empire
Podcasting, Youtube, Speaking Engagements, Webinars, Courses, Social Media
Niche Sites & Affiliate Marketing

How about some sassyliscious bonuses to make this all even easier + some advanced moves to get your books featured even wider?

Get immediately download Dream Clients on Autopilot

BONUS 1: Sassyliscious Course Planner

The Workbook to follow along with the course.
Avoid overwhelm and stay organized as you build your brand, publish your first bestseller and bring in those clients

BONUS 2: Cheat Sheet – Bestseller Launch Sequence

Keeps you on track of what you neeed to do and when
Make sure you don’t miss any step and hold yourself accountable

BONUS 3: Gundi’s Must-Have Launch Kit

All the tools & services I use for my book launches and continued marketing
Recommended business & marketing resources

BONUS 4: Do’s/Don’ts & Rookie Mistake

This alone can save you years of agony and wasted time and money.
I wish I had known all these when I started…



How To Land Influencer Endorsements Like A PRO!!

Awesome hacks & tips to reach almost any influencer in the world
and the 3 fastest ways to get yourself booted…

Here’s What You’ll Get in Dream Clients on Autopilot

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