Fearless Living Training Program


Fearless Living Training Program

Fearless Living Training Program

A Fearless You Starts Here


Be proactive – Live your life based on what you want, instead of what you’re afraid of!

Identify and STOP those invisible patterns that keep holding you back!

Get “escape velocity” from your inner critic, so you can shoot for the stars!

Here’s What’s Been Standing In Your Way…

  • FEAR is One of Our Most PRIMAL Survival Mechanisms
  • The Body’s Reaction to Fear is the SAME Whether it’s A PHYSICAL Or EMOTIONAL Threat
  • The Hippocampus Stores REAL Or PERCEIVED Threat Signals In Long-Term Memory
  • The Brain Responds to Potentially Dangerous Stimuli BEFORE It Has All The Facts (Based On Past History And Past Hurts)
  • The Brain Is Programmed to Detect Dangers Routinely.Experienced By Our ANCESTORS And Those Learned About By Each Of Us INDIVIDUALLY
  • Our Ability To ERASE The Memories of Fear is HIGHLY UNLIKELY. Fear Is Triggered By The UNKNOWN

Fear is tricky, invisible and insidious but when you understand how fear works, and know what to do about it, you will be able to put fear in it’s place and turn your dreams into reality . . .


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  • Overcome self-doubt and make decisions with confidence
  • Let go of your past
  • Be empowered to live the life your soul intended!
  • Stop fear before it metastasizes
  • Create a culture of positivity, so you are happier every day



Defining and Busting Fear

Ever heard you have to “know your enemy”? Fear is the enemy within, blocking you from your dreams. And you’re about to blow its cover! But not for the reasons you think. In this module you’ll see:
– How fear is hard-wired in your body and brain
– Why you don’t need to blame yourself anymore (yes, you’re normal!)
– What an awesome life is on the other side of fear, once you master it!

Know Your Dreams are Possible

Fear constantly whispers that you haven’t got a chance to fulfill your dreams. It’s time to talk back! In this module you’ll learn:
– An exciting new “language” that fear doesn’t want you to know about!
– New ways of thinking that keep you focused, inspired and in action!
– How to stay empowered and in full faith that you will achieve your desires

The Power of Feelings & The Inner Critic

Our “Inner Critic” breeds and feeds our fears. In this module we’ll tackle it once and for all! You’ll get proven tools to help you:
Live from gratitude instead of fear
– Quiet your “Inner Critic” and drop the burden of self-judgment
– Show up in joyful authenticity and wholeness in all your relationships

Experience Ultimate Peace of Mind

When you learn to accept and appreciate who you are, you can finally relax and enjoy yourself and your life. In this module, Rhonda will show you how to:
Ditch the negative self-talk for good
Find the self-acceptance that has eluded you since childhood
– Unlock the wellspring of creativity and joy that used to be buried under “not good enough”!

Master Your Fears Now and Forever

Rhonda’s “Wheel of Fear” is thought be the most powerful fear-mastery tool ever created! This module walks you through your own Wheel so you can handle any scary situation with confidence, now and for the rest of your life. Then you’ll be able to:
– Finally get the things done that really matter to you
– Experience amazing closeness with those you’ve been keeping at arm’s length
– Find the courage to take bigger risks and put the zest back in your life!

Identify the Real (Awesome) You

Fear can make our true identity, voice and desires, sometimes for a lifetime. In this “Wheel of Freedom” module you’ll reconnect with your truth so you can:
– Reclaim and say “Yes” to your dreams
Take action that aligns with your true desires
– Trust yourself like never before

Honoring Your Needs, Loving Yourself

It’s time to give yourself the forgiveness and love you need and deserve, no matter where you’ve been up till now. In this module, you’ll learn to:
– Release and heal the past
Banish guilt, shame, and self-blame from  your mind and your life
– Finally say goodbye to ALL your regrets and love who you are now!

Setting Boundaries, Staying in Charge

If you “people please” or say yes when you really want to say no, you’ll love this module! Inside, Rhonda shows you how to:
– Identify the five types of “Fear Junkies” and stop them before they stop you
Create empowering boundaries that serve and protect you
– Know exactly what to say in the moment without fearing rejection

Attract the Love and Friendship that is Yours!

Whether you’re looking for romance or just to feel deliciously at ease in a group, in this “Fearbuster” module, you’ll learn the Four Relationship Builders that will:
Empower you to “belong” and be liked wherever you go
– Enlist the eager assistance of others like magic
Fill your life with supporters as you watch the haters fade into the distance


In the final module, you’ll learn Rhonda’s four-step formula for taking risks, so you can become the magnetic, dynamic person who:
– Possesses a crystal-clear, compelling vision that draws you forward like a magnet
Blasts through the obstacles that used to keep you “stuck”
– Steps out with courage to make your dreams a reality!

Here’s what you get

Mind-Blowing Videos for Each Module

10 Module Blockbuster, Information-packed Training Videos (over 20 hours) so you can learn quickly and absorb all the goodness the Course has to offer

MP3 Audios for each Module

Mp3 audio files for the entire course. Be sure to listen in the car, at the gym or while you work. If you’re auditory, this is for you!

Transcripts of the Entire Course

Full transcripts of the entire course because the best way to embody the work is to watch or listen while following along with the transcripts.

Read away. It will CHANGE your life.

Fearbuster Exercise™ Worksheets

Rhonda’s proprietary “Fearbuster Exercises™” for each module. This is where the magic happens. Complete the Fearbuster Exercises along the way, and your life will be changing fast.

Community Access

Chat with other members and get one-on-one with me and my coaches who will be there answering your questions. PLUS – your membership in this group lasts FOREVER – so you can come back for more support after you’ve graduaed!

BONUS Videos!

  • Forgiveness Exercise that heals
  • Wheel of Freedom “Essential Nature”
  • How to Pick Friends: The Secret of Thirds
  • The Essential Boundary Checklist
  • Answers to the Most Common Questions

BONUS Audio Book!

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    • Listen to Rhonda’s bestseller,“Fearless Living” Audio Book 

Complete unabridged version read by Rhonda!

BONUS eBooks!

When you’re on the hunt for your unique, personalized and individualized Wheel of Fear and Wheel of Freedom, these Bonus eBooks will be invaluable.

  • Wheel of Fear Trigger Secrets eBook
  • Wheel of Freedom Secrets eBook


Gifting this Course to YOU!

  • Stretch, Risk and Die Course (SRD)

Never do another to-do list the same again! Stretch, Risk and Die will build momentum and give you a tool that you’ll use for LIFE!


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