Fitness Business Summit 2016


Fitness Business Summit 2016

Fitness Business Summit 2016

You May Have Missed Fitness Business Summit, But You Don’t Have to Miss Out On The Income Boosting Information, Secrets and Strategies That Will Take Your Fitness Business To Massive Success!

Get every single client getting and profit boosting presentation from Fitness Business Summit 16

Discover How To Turn Your Passion For Fitness Into a Highly Profitable Business That Impacts The Lives Of More Clients And Gives You Massive Fulfillment And An Amazing Lifestyle!
Josh Carter Presents at FBS 2016
Fitness Business Summit is dedicated to teaching fitness professionals like yourself the secrets and strategies that you’ve been missing to turn you passion into a thriving and successful business.
And if you missed FBS16 then you missed the best and most cutting edge information, ideas and success secrets shared by the top trainers and highest earning fitness business owners in our industry.
Bedros Keuilian Presents at FBS 2016
In this video collection you’ll the exact strategies to get more clients from Facebook, Instagram, Google, and through email marketing.
You’ll learn how to scale your business for massive success without worrying about competition who try to under cut your prices.
FBS 2016 Audience

You’ll also learn…

    • How to hire the best staff
    • How to price your programs for maximum profits
    • How to create a competition proof local brand
    • How to manage your time and productivity like Fortune 100 CEO’s
    • How to grow, open and manage multiple studios and boot camps
  • How to overcome your entrepreneurial stress and overwhelm and reignite your passion for your business again
When you order the complete video footage from Fitness Business Summit 16 you’ll get instant access to every presentation video, the presenter power points, and professionally taken notes from every presenter’s session.
Order the FBS16 video collection now while it’s still available!
Meet the Fitness Business Summit 16 presenters…

AJ Roberts

How to Separate yourself from the Herd as others Struggle to Compete

Nissan Trotter

How to see the big picture bigger for both you and your fit biz!

Dan Ritchie & Cody Snipe

The Biggest Business Opportunity in Fitness: Small Group Training for Boomers and Seniors

Anna Larsen

How To Go From Zero to Screaming Success in Months or Less (and how to make at least another $1500)

Josh Carter & Jeff Sherman

Social Media Marketing: What’s working now and how you can apply it to your Fitness Business

Samantha Taylor

The Anatomy of a $310,000 6 Week Challenge

Cabel McElderry

The critical systems and elements of running a highly profitable fitness business (and how-to implement them)

Lewis Howes

How to Brand yourself as the Local Expert and Authority

Aubrey Marcus

Connections – Get Them, Keep Them, and Optimize Them For Explosive Growth

Steven Hadley

A 9 step process to create a $500,000 dollar fitness business by building the ultimate dream team staff

Alwyn Cosgrove

Ten things I wish I knew when I first became a fitness professional

Stephanie Joanne

Attracting free media exposure to your fitness business brand

Robby Blanchard

How to dominate and run a CrossFit gym

Craig Ballantyne

3 Secrets of Achieving Financial Freedom in the Fitness Industry

Daniel Woodrum

10 Biggest Lessons Learned As a Young Business Owner

James Simpson

Change the Culture Change the Game

Corey Enman

How to identify the differences in people’s personalities, and to effectively communicate with all different personality groups

John Berardi

How Personal Training Saved My Life: From Fitness Start Up to $20 Million and Beyond

Bedros Keuilian

How To Create Local Market Dominance | How To Live Your Passion and Dominate Your Path

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