Neil Strauss – Attraction Super Pack II


Neil Strauss – Attraction Super Pack II

Neil Strauss – Attraction Super Pack II

DVD 1 of 5 — FEATURING style:
Fundamentals of Approaching and Opening
Run Time: 30.10
* style’s surefire “Cheating” Opener
* The elements of the most successful openers
* The three things you need, to have 98% of your approaches open for you
* The counter intuitive secret to meeting women: having something better to do than meet women

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* How to be the fun person everyone wants to be around
* The concept behind the best friends test you can use over and over to hook women FAST
* Pebbles – the little lines you can throw in to amp up any interaction
* Simple tactics to instantly become the most popular person in the room
* Opening with a DHV: The “Penny, Nickle, Dime” Routine
* Common body language and positioning mistakes to avoid when making an approach
* How to reposition the set with the magic line “I’ll show you something cool”
* The trick to sitting down with the set without making anyone uncomfortable
* Why the “lock in” is so important and how to pull it off seamlessly
* IN FIELD FOOTAGE: Gypsy opens a mixed set with a classic opener from “The Game”
* IN FIELD FOOTAGE: Bravo’s instant isolation using a classic opener from “The Game”
* IN FIELD FOOTAGE: Don Diego Garcia runs a full set from opener to number close
DVD 2 of 5 — FEATURING style:
Countering Limiting Beliefs and the L.A.S. V.E.G.A.S. System
Run Time: 45:18
* What style does when he says the words “I can’t”
* How to reframe your limiting belief into a disqualifier that gets women hitting on you
* The secret trait you need to never getting rejected
* Why role playing negative “what if” scenarios in your head will destroy you and what you should do instead
* The nice guy/jerk guy myth debunked
* How dressing in a tribal way and having a path to achieving your goals, can be more effective than being rich and famous
* A quote and technique from style’s natural friend to boost both inner game and outer game
* The system style uses to overcome limiting beliefs
* style’s L.A.S. V.E.G.A.S. technique
* The keys to generating attraction through fashion
* 5 reasons why a woman will want to call you after spending 15 minutes with you
* A tactic you can use at a restaurant to demonstrate strength
* Getting more second dates through the science of “open loops”
* The “Life is short, tomorrow will be gone in a blink of an eye” routine
* When you disagree with her,empathize, rather than trying to make a point
* How to utilize timelines and benchmarks to achieve your goals
* Working on shortcomings and eliminating sticking points through a realistic view of who you are and what you can achieve
* Tips to increase self-worth
* How to demonstrate value simply by existing
A complete breakdown to the Venusian Arts
Run Time: 48.13 minutes
* Analyzing the four types of game structures: Cryo, Cold, Warm, & Hot game
* Mystery’s fundamental strategy for beating approach anxiety disclosed
* An explicit break-down of the one on one cold approach
* His pick-up view on how he reacts to a room when he knows no-one
* How to build social value and apply it to forward and backward merging
* The benefits and “how to” of forward and backward merging: the secret to revving up your game
* Providing his theories on survival and replication evolutionary psychology of the female mind
* 3 steps to becoming the leader of men
* The secret to making a connection with a woman the first night you meet her
* Mystery’s bullet proof cold approach game plan to raise social value
* Why you should avoid the dance floor
* How not to burn out your social value in a club
* He reveals the pro mindset on the approach
* Mystery’s no fail lines for busting into sets with guys
* A timeline for approaching and locking in
* How to get to the Accomplishment Intro for your wingman
* Building on your micro and macro social successes to reach your goals
* The outline for building and maintaining an attractive social circle
* Understanding human attraction switches and mechanisms
* An extensive overview of the 5 attraction switches: Pre-selection, Leader of Men, Protector of Loved Ones, Willingness to Emote, and Being a Successful Risk Taker
* The method for flipping female attraction switches so that she can’t say NO

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* Mystery’s personal DHV story for trigger female attraction switches
* The easy way to show you are the protector of your loved ones
* Diving deep into the details of the Demonstration of Higher Value
* Mystery’s top secret “Risk Taker” DHV story
Motivation, Meditation, & Masculinity
Run Time: 65.41 minutes
* The correct processes and mindsets for learning the attraction arts
* Understanding the female dating mind
* Their up-front approach to meeting women
* What to do when the routines and patterns run out
* Steve P.’s surfing analogy for women and life
* A discourse on routines versus natural game
* How to use routines as your building blocks, move beyond them, and then internalize them
* Hypnotica’s “Throwing the Lighting Bolt” strategy: his key to introduce his personal energy to women
* The perfect energy mind set for approaching without anxiety
* Steve P.’s process for screening women and turning the tables
* Modeling the lesbian approach to attracting women
* Steve P.’s thoughts on getting to know the true depth of a woman’s mind
* The history of Steve P. and Hynotica’s involvement in hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming
* The basics for introducing women to multiple orgasms and spiritual sexual journeys
* The first and most important step to giving women an extended orgasm. It’s simpler than you think!
* The one book you must read to know all of a woman’s erogenous zones
* What you must teach women in order to be receptive to their sexuality
* Hypnotica’s secret history of why he studied sexual technique
* Steve P.’s, “I don’t give a s***,” opener that automatically pre-qualifies women
* The little known location to meet women that are on a man feeding frenzy revealed
* An interactive hypnosis exercise you can do at home along with the video to erase your limiting beliefs
DVD 5 of 5 — Featuring a Surprise Guru on NLP and Inner Game
Run Time: 62.59 min.
* Digesting new material and meshing with what you’ve learned in the past
* How to escape the mistake mindset cycle
* His methods for quieting the mind to focus on calibration
* Making your positive mental rehearsal more powerful than the negative
* How to avoid the negative strategies for dealing with emotions
* The reason Approach Anxiety is created
* The tools for developing stealth charisma
* An actual on stage hypnosis for recognizing and alleviating approach anxiety
* How to separate your Approach Anxiety dialogue from your emotion
* A meditation to remove all Approach Anxiety
* Secrets of inner body language

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