Ricky Hayes – Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint


Ricky Hayes – Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint

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“Ricky Hayes I would like to thank you for providing a strong foundation and understanding of e-commerce through your videos and specially your course. There is no comparison of your course with any available courses over the internet. The details you have provided, its a learning institute in itself. We have ed making over $100 a day. It would not have been possible without your support and course you have created. Its a master piece and you keep on adding to it. I would recommend everyone to take it to next level and go for the course which Ricky provides. Its a lifetime access and that will remain with you forever. Keep learning and keep progressing. Regards”

– Akhilesh Parashar
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Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint is the best ecommerce course in the industry!

Youtube ads for Ecommerce is unsaturated, which bring us huge opportunity! Think of it like this, it is just like Facebook ads, with the power of Google ads backing it! Add those together and you get the most insane mixture of the biggest digital marketing you can ever get! And that is what I bring to you today!

You are going to get the most comprehensive Youtube ads course in the industry from an expert who has sold over $8,000,000 in sales since ing over 2 years ago. I have mastered Youtube ads through a lot of trial and error to get this knowledge in a single location, and people are already loving it!

What you are going to learn is:

1. How to build a shopify store optimized for Youtube ads

2. How to find winning products that you can market on Youtube ads

3. How to setup your dashboard optimized for Youtube ads

4. How to successfully make high-converting videos for Youtube ads

5. How to successfully market using Youtube ads full strategy

6. How to successfully remarket using Youtube ads to scale your business

You get all that in a single location, along with mentoring and frequent updates!
Course Curriculum

Module 0 – Welcome to Youtube Ads Ecom Blueprint

Introduction Video (2:58)

Module 1 – Shopify Store Setup For Youtube Ads

Create Your Store (28:52)

Connect payment gateways (3:55)

Connecting your conversion tracking codes (5:01)

Customer Tracking Updates (11:48)

SMS Abandoned cart recovery (15:09)

Managing Customer Reviews (16:30)

Messenger Abandoned Cart Recovery (15:05)

Exit Intent Hack (8:48)

Crushing Your Images (4:42)

Email Abandoned Cart Recovery And Marketing (32:44)

Persuasive Copy For Our Product Pages (7:57)

Free Automated Order Fulfillment (5:54)

The Best Free Premium Theme (8:30)

Private Sourcing Agent For Branding (3:58)

Module 2 – Winning Product Research For Youtube Ads

Aliexpress Winning Product Research (12:08)

Amazon Winning Product Research (14:00)

Shopify Store Winning Product Research (10:35)

Facebook Winning Product Research (12:27)

Other Hacks To Find Winning Products (5:22)

Updated Facebook And Shopify Winning Product Research (8:07)

Google Product Research Hacks (6:13)

Purchase Product Research Free Hack (3:41)

Spy On Facebook Ads Free hack (5:59)

The New Best Combined Product Research Method DEEP RESEARCH 2020 (15:23)

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“Hey Guys! Just wanted to leave a quick testimonial for Ricky Hayes his course is hands down the BEST course I have ever invested on (I have paid like 8 gurus and NONE of them has the amount of updates and constant uploads of new amazing videos.

Ricky I needed your help, because I am scaling a product but I need an agent that has good shipping times and great prices please!

BTW: It’s only 11: AM for today and already 1.7k 🙂

Product Price: $6 COST, selling for $28.

Scaling with CBOs, going to test manual bid strategy too.”

– Tarun Asnami

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“25th of December I had zero sales all my sale when down, I was loosing money with all the app and cost of my store, That’s where I decided to ask Ricky Hayes and get in his program after 9 days in his program I have adset that my cost per purchase is under 5$ which is insane! I can thank you enough mate you are a real rockstar of facebook ad!”

– Patrick Frenetee

Your Instructor

Ricky Hayes
Ricky Hayes

Hi, my name is Ricky Hayes. I am a 7 Figure dropshipping/brand ecommerce expert. I have to-date sold over $8,000,000 in sales using Shopify, have a Facebook community of over 10,000 members, and taught over 10,000 people on youtube actively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is your course updated?
Every month with new content that I use in my own stores for ecommerce.
I know nothing about Ecommerce or Facebook ads is this for me?
Of course! You do not have to have any experience selling online or any technical skills for that matter. The program is laid out in easy to follow step-by-step format that covers things in great detail no matter what experience you have. By going through the course will go from complete beginner to a professional marketing ninja.
I’ve tried Ecommerce before and failed, how will this help me?
This program is the result of 4+ years in Ecommerce and over $2,000,000+ spent in paid advertising. The strategies and methods in this program are proved, tested and bulletproof which have helped me personally generate over $5,000,000+ and counting across multiple Ecommerce stores. People just need the right guidance and after spending a lot of money on something you learn what works and what doesn’t, this program will help you avoid all of the common pitfalls 99.8% of marketers make.
I’ve made a few sales online can this help me get to the next level?
If you already have experience selling online then that is great, this course contains advanced strategies that have helped me hit $50,000+ per day and 7 figures per year. If you are looking to take things to the next level then this is exactly what you need. In this course you will find valuable secrets and tricks that can take you from getting 1 or 2 sales a day to a constant stream of daily orders. Or, if you are making 4 or 5 figures a month, then this course can help you get to 6 figures a month and even 7 figures a year. If you are looking to take things to the next level then everything you need is here.
I can’t afford this program, is there anything you can do for me?
If you can’t afford the program then you are someone who needs the program. Knowledge is power and investing in yourself is one of the most important things you can do in life. Shift your mind from “I can’t afford this” to “How can I afford this?”. There are many ways you can finance this program such as interest free credit cards, PayPal financing, borrowing money from friends and family or even selling something. When you successful implement the program, the return on investment on this will outweigh any of the upfront costs.
How long will it take me to see results from this program?
That is purely down to how fast you go through the course and take action. Some people making there first $11,000 from the first month they , others like to take their time and work through things a little slower so it takes longer. The important thing is that you take action on the information you learn.
I work a full time job, how much time will I need to dedicate?
I ed my first Ecommerce store when I was working a full time 9 to 5 job. I would come home, eat, rest for a bit then work on my business for the rest of the evening. If you can dedicate 3-5 hours per week then you will be able to work through the program. If you truly believe you are destined for better things in life then you will find the time to dedicate. There is no such thing as ‘too busy’ when it comes to working on your dreams. Remember, this program can be accessed anywhere, anytime via our e-learning platform. So you can watch it on your daily commute, or on work breaks, anywhere in the world in your own time. All future content and live streams will be recorded in the same format so you never miss a single thing.


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