Robbins – Madanes Core100 – The RTM Vault


Robbins – Madanes Core100 – The RTM Vault

Robbins – Madanes Core100 – The RTM Vault

In our Core 100 Training Program, you will receive a coaching education that is not available anywhere else in the world. You will learn how to work with any client and help them achieve greater happiness, success, and better relationships. We suggest you start your training with Core 100. RMT Core 100 Training contains four Mastery Units which focus on Megastrategies, Navigating Life Stages, Personal Transformation, and Key Decisions. You will learn through watching, doing, discussing, listening, journaling and reading about coaching. We like to empower our students by using every learning modality. You will get a Certificate of Completion from Robbins-Madanes Center for 100 hours of training as a Life Coach.
Video Training with Intervention films
Robbins’ work is analyzed and explained on a minute-to-minute basis by Cloe Madanes and Mark Peysha, so that you understand exactly how and why the transformation succeeded. These videos are truly unique in the world of coaching, therapy, and communication, as instead of merely teaching principles, they show real people in real-life interventions making dramatic changes in real time, while explaining how every communication and decision worked to bring about that change.

We’ve seen time and time again as participants watch and study these films, they begin to experience personal transformations unfolding within themselves as well. Many of these interventions have never been seen before outside of Anthony Robbins’ seminar walls and will never become available outside of this coach training.

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Module Teleclasses
In addition to the video training modules, you also receive module teleclasses featuring Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha, and Magali Peysha where you will get the most effective frameworks for creating change quickly and permanently. In these teleclasses you will become acquainted with “Megastrategies,” the strategies that deliver strong results in virtually any situation. In each of these hour-long sessions we present a new way for approaching and solving the whole range of life challenges, including business interventions, relationship interventions, interventions for all of the life stages, and interventions for every type of relationship (how to create change in yourself, your family or friends, your spouse, your boss, and any other).

6 months of weekly live Power Sessions
As you begin studying to be a coach, as you begin practicing being a coach, and as you develop your coaching practice, you will have questions, right? In our live weekly Power Sessions, Cloe, Magali and Mark are available to answer your questions and support you in every step. This way, whenever you hit a new unfamiliar challenge, you know that within seven days you can be on the phone with us, and we’ll take whatever time it takes to make sure that you’re able to make significant progress and a breakthrough. These weekly Power Sessions make certain that we are all keeping in touch as a community, and all learning together at the moment where we need help.

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I found this brilliant, ground-breaking program. I highly recommend it! It will change you and it will change, forever, the way you understand the vexing battle of the sexes and how you work with couples.

Diane Sollee, Founder and Director, Smart Marriages Conference, Founder of the Marriage Education Movement.

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Coach Practice Training
Participants learn to coach by practicing telephone coaching with another participant. Coaching participants can review material, discuss films, and are given exercises to do together. This is a series of extremely practical training materials that will take you step-by-step through key moves of coaching. Coach Practice Training is a great opportunity to make new and lifelong friends. You may utilize Coach Practice Training as much as you like. You will be doing three sessions as a coach, and three sessions as a client.

Our promise: you’ll never be bored, and you’ll learn faster than you’d ever thought possible.

Student Community
As an RMT Student you have a community of fellow learners, coaches and change makers to connect with. You will be making friends with coaches all over the world and in diverse fields of expertise. Many students tell us that their deepest friendships were made during their Core 100 Training. Start connecting with like minded and caring individuals as soon as you enroll.

Certificate of Completion
You will receive a formal Certificate of Completion from Robbins-Madanes Training. If you are a licensed therapist or other professional in need of CEUs, you will receive 36 hours of continuing education credits. You will also have the opportunity of joining our network of expert advisors.

Coaching: The Career of Tomorrow
Life coaches are in the forefront of today’s web-based economy, earning five- and six-figure incomes from home on their own schedule, doing what they love, and impacting the world in a positive way every day. This training is dedicated to ensuring your professional success in every way possible. Do you have specialized professional skills? Then enhance them by becoming a coach within your area of speciality. This will enable you not only to coach others in your industry, but to solve problems and offer consultation at the highest level. Every industry is plagued by interpersonal challenges and dilemmas. As a coach, you will be uniquely equipped to solve problems, help individuals and businesses resolve conflicts, and free up energy and time for their business.

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