The SMB DNA of Successful Trading


The SMB DNA of Successful Trading

The SMB DNA of Successful Trading

 Here’s What You’ll Get in The SMB DNA of Successful Trading

What is The DNA of Successful Trading?

Our mission for this training is to help mentor students to become skilled traders.

The founding partners of SMB believe that it is important to have a structured mentoring program focused on “skill development”, whereas most mentoring programs simply offer a series of technical setups, which is not sufficient to develop consistently profitable traders.

We put traders into a position to compete in the market by clearly laying out the set of skills which need to be developed.

The DNA of Successful Trading is taught using in-depth lectures that give you the domain knowledge of trading principles that actually matter, exercises that are designed to translate the concepts into any learning style, and weekly group mentoring sessions to use current market examples and show how the concepts are playing out right now.
Course Schedule

9 On-Demand Modules

Module 1: Stock Selection and Game Plan

Module 2: The Seven Fundamentals of One Good Trade

Module 3: Risk Management

Module 4: The SMB PlayBook

Module 5: Trading Journal

Module 6: Best Trades To Develop

Module 7: Price Action Analysis

Module 8: Trading Psychology

Module 9: PlayBook Trades

Module 10: The Report Card

Module 11: Trading Consistency

Module 12: Sizing

Bonus: Ten Lessons From The Trading Desk

Bonus II: Automated Trading with Andrew Falde

Live SMB Meetings Every Week

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SMB AM Meeting with Steve Spencer (Five per Week) – Watch a 20-year veteran trader discuss what stocks he’s looking to trade, and key levels to watch each morning before the opening bell.

DNA Class Group Mentoring Session (Weekly) – This is your time each week to ask questions about module topics, trades from the week, and anything else you need help with.
What You Will Gain from DNA

Includes 8 core topics from SMB Foundation, which we use to train our NYC desk.These are the 8 topics we have found to have the greatest impact on their level of success while trading firm capital.
Lessons are delivered via lectures, worksheets, video and live group mentoring. This allows students to learn at their own pace and ask questions of Mike and Steve during the process.
The pillars of developing a daily routine, internalizing the DNA of One Good Trade and the transformation of converting your burning desire into disciplined elite performance, are the foundation from which skill development is built upon. These three pillars are where conviction is born.
The training then moves into learning the critical difference of our proprietary idea generator of “Stocks In Play” and how it greatly differs from simply reading charts to find ideas. We then move into converting Stocks in Play into a morning Game Plan. Learning the power behind Stocks in Play is worth the investment in the training by itself.
Feedback: Structured training for reviewing your work and how to keep a proper trading journal are an integral part of the ten weeks. It is imperative to take action, learn and document your results to position yourself to improve.
The SMB PlayBook. Each trader has different resources. Capital, experience, time, ability to learn and ability to process information. In this module, we introduce our playbook of setups and teach how to choose among those that match where you are as a trader. Skill development will begin to arise out of the module.
Risk Management. Believing and internalizing the discipline of risk management is a crucial skill to apply to each and every trade. Your ability to apply the Risk Management lessons, videos and mentoring will make or break your success. It’s not hard to make money when everything “lines up”—it’s hard to keep it when it doesn’t and you have poor Risk Management. This part of the course keeps you in the business.
How to earn what you should when you have a big one on the line. Keeping the downside in check is important but you need to learn how to earn big money when the checks are in your favor. As your skills develop over the five weeks, Mike and Steve will introduce you to the best trades for you to master. You must have your “go to” ideas—and it is these ideas that will become your bread and butter.
Technical Analysis. There is chart reading and there is profitable chart reading. In this module, we cover the basics for newbies but quickly move into how to identify the price levels and trends that truly matter.
Last but not least, the principles of elite performance are sprinkled throughout the entire program. The difference between weekend athlete and professional in the trading arena lies between the ears. Learn how to think big and how to think like a pro.

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