Todd Mitchell – Thursday Morning Income Strategy


Todd Mitchell – Thursday Morning Income Strategy

 Todd Mitchell – Thursday Morning Income Strategy

A Trading Strategy For Options Traders Looking to Enjoy Safe, Steady Profits … Trading Only 15 Minutes a Week

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Dear Options Trader:

If you appreciate trading strategies that provide consistent income, involve little risk and require just minutes a week to generate reliable profits, you’ll understand why I often ask myself:

“Why don’t more people trade Options like this?”

For the life of me, I can’t understand risking lots of capital over long hold times in hopes of hitting a home run.

Of course, if you’re comfortable trading this way, I understand and respect your position.

But if you’re fed up with feeling like the market is always working against you …

And you want an easy way to consistently collect profits every week …

Without camping in front of your computer or putting strain on your wallet (or family time), stay with me for the next few minutes.

You’re about to discover how to successfully trade a strategy that offers high reward, low risk and as much as a 96% return on our invested capital in just 2 days.

The added bonus …

You can trade this strategy even if you have a small account or are new to options trading.

What’s Knowing This Strategy Worth to You?

Now, I know what you just heard seems too good to be true. You’re skeptical – and that’s okay.

So let’s just dig right into the details …

In fact, let’s make this really simple and say you entered a trade today when the market opened. Your plan is to exit tomorrow at market close.

Now, you also have a buddy, Jason, who entered the same trade at the same time. But his plan – based on his research – is to exit within the next 6 weeks.

Both of you have similar trading styles … both of you enjoy the research side of trading.

You trade to supplement your income, while Jason trades full time.

So whose contract carries more risk?

Yes, a silly question … because the answer is so obvious.

Jason has far more risk tied into his trade because of the longer hold time. After all, you’re only exposed for two days.


With the speed of today’s market, intelligent traders know to get in and get out as quickly as possible – thereby reducing their risk.

This is especially important when you trade Options.

In this case, the difference between you and Jason isn’t talent or dedication. It isn’t that one person wants a profitable trade and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in what you and Jason know – and how you make use of that knowledge.

This simple concept is the basis for the Thursday Morning Income Strategy.

You stay in a trade for a limited time (often just a couple days) – enough to get your fair share of profit – then you move on. No need to get greedy or put your profits at undue risk.

And you make the same type of trade every single week.

As you saw in the video above, your potential for these options trades is staggering – even though you only spend about 15 minutes a week on them.

Typically, you invest only $20-$25 per contract; perfect for small accounts.

Please understand, though, if you’re an experienced trader, don’t let the low entry cost deter you. The Thursday Morning Income Strategyis ideal to add as an extra profit generator to your current strategy.

After all, each trade takes so little time to set up or manage. And you can invest as much or as little as you want.

Fair enough?

Why This Overlooked Strategy Works So Well…

Today’s low-volatility, high-velocity market has been a proving ground for the Thursday Morning Income Strategy. It’s also allowed me to fine-tune and perfect the system.

The reality is, most Options traders today are fighting over scraps. I liken the situation to tossing a freshly grilled ribeye steak near a pack of hungry dogs.

When there’s a sign of profits, each trader bites at it, hoping to get what little “meat” they can.

As a result, profits disappear so fast that no one gets a fair share.

The Thursday Morning Income Strategy shows you how to get your profits and move to the next opportunity before the rush even begins.

Let’s face it … profits like these are fun to earn.

That’s why I invite you to get in on this action and start creating consistent income for yourself.

How This Strategy Brings You Steady Profits

The Thursday Morning Income Strategy is easy to understand and execute. You enter on Thursday morning and get out the following afternoon.

What could be easier?

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Pick an underlying stock candidate. I prefer trading Index ETFs so we reduce event risk and have adequate liquidity.

You may prefer trading something else. That’s fine.

Step 2: Calculate the expected move. This is the amount of movement priced into an option between now and its expiration.

The market makers price in an expected range. But even if your broker doesn’t offer this capability, I’ll show you how to accurately calculate the range. (At the very least, you should calculate your own range for confirmation.)

Step 3: Determine the forecast for the next two days. Not only does today’s market make this process easier, but you only have to worry about forecasting for two days – not the typical 4-6 weeks.

Step 4: Determine the Options strategy. I prefer defined-risk strategies. In fact, the ones I show you all feature a reward-to-risk greater than 2:1.

As a result, you can earn more than you risk when you’re right. And when you’re wrong, it doesn’t really matter.

Step 5: Enter your position on Thursday morning at the opening bell. Then you simply relax and go about your life. No need to glue your eyeballs to your computer.

Step 6: Manage or exit your position. On Friday afternoon, if the price moved in the wrong direction, no sweat. If the price went in the right direction, then it’s time to maximize your profits.

Now, I mentioned it earlier … but let me stress that this strategy isn’t for everyone.

For one thing, this isn’t the strategy for home-run trades. You’re just not going to hit a ten-bagger with a limited-risk strategy like this.

The Thursday Morning Income Strategy is for traders who seek safe, consistent profits – whether you trade full time, want to supplement your retirement or need to add extra income to your work paycheck.

It’s also for traders who desire high reward with limited risk.

If these characteristics describe you, I’m certain – once you get a look at this private and profitable trading system – you’ll congratulate yourself for making such a smart decision when the opportunity presented itself.

Remember, there’s no better time than now to profit.

Here’s What to Do Next …

When you register today for just $397 ($297 for Trading Concepts members), I’ll give you instant access to the Thursday Morning Income Strategy video course. During the 3-hour training, we’ll dig deep into each strategy step.

You’ll see how to pick your stock … calculate the expected move … determine the 2-day forecast … choose the right strategy … enter and manage your trade … exit your position … and much more.

Furthermore, I walk you through additional “soft” skills, such as how to evaluate your results … improve your execution … and pick the best brokers.

Your 3-hour video also includes slides for each session, supplementary program materials and an instructional DVD mailed to your doorstep.


And that’s not all …

You see, I’ve mentored thousands of traders, and I know with absolute confidence that my material works. In fact, I’m so sure it’ll deliver consistent profits for you that you can try it all for the next 30 days at no risk.

Watch the training videos … review the printed materials … test the strategies … study the slides …. go through the entire training as many times as you want …

If at any time during the next month, you don’t believe the training is worth at least 10 times your investment, simply contact my customer support team and we’ll rush you a 100% refund.

No questions asked.

How’s that for fair?

My guarantee proves how confident I am in completely transforming your financial future.

As an intelligent trader, you know millions of dollars are gained each day by a handful of people privy to secrets most traders never hear about. It’s this information that never sees the inside of trading magazines or mainstream business publications …

And it’s what I’m offering you right now.

The knowledge you’ll gain is close, personal … and proven over time.

So if you’re willing to forgo high-risk, blockbuster trades for safe, steady profits, try the Thursday Morning Income Strategy today.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice profits to make safe trades.

Remember, I guarantee your success.

So even if on the last day of your trial you feel your decision to try the Thursday Morning Income Strategy wasn’t worthy or profitable, you’ll get every dime back.

I think you’ll agree … I can’t be much fairer than that.

Give the Thursday Morning Income Strategy a try today.


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