Ajit Nawalkha – Your First 2K


Ajit Nawalkha Your First 2K

Ajit Nawalkha Your First 2K, Learn how to rapidly hit your first breakthrough income goal and gain the knowledge & confidence to build a profitable coaching business that…

Ajit Nawalkha – Your First 2K

Ajit Nawalkha - Your First 2K

For new and aspiring coaches who want to get past the starting line and create a reliable income month after month

Ready to Go From Zero to Your First $2,000 in The Fastest Possible Time?

Learn how to rapidly hit your first breakthrough income goal and gain the knowledge & confidence to build a profitable coaching business that continues to grow

“Confidently coach to create change for every client, make a difference in the world and get rewarded with a high income coaching business knowing I’m doing fulfilling work that matters”

That sums up just about every passionate, dedicated coach’s vision but there’s a catch…

That’s an ideal vision. It’s the ultimate dream and chances are your reality as a new coach is very different right now.

Most days you feel uneasy, restless or anxious about your business and you can’t stop thinking about things like:

“I’ve never run a business before! I have no idea what I’m doing”

“How am I ever going to ask someone to pay me to coach? It feels sleazy trying to sell myself as a coach”

“I have no idea if I’m any good at creating real results for clients. I feel like a fraud!”

“It’s taking way too long to get to where I want to go in my coaching. I’m so frustrated.”

“Between my 9-to-5 job and family responsibilities, I don’t have time to build my coaching business. It’s never going to happen for me!”

“I don’t have what it takes to be a great coach. I don’t have enough consistency, I’m not good with technology, I’m not <fill-in-the-blank>”

Sound a little bit (or a lot!) like you?

You’re Not the Only One Feeling This Way

The coaching industry is booming right now and it’s showing no signs of stopping.

A study commissioned by ICF and carried out by PwC reveals that coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world.

That’s great news, right? Errr… not so fast, coach!

When you laser in on most new coaches’ experiences, things are far from positive and that’s a sticky topic most people don’t want to talk about.

More New Coaches Than Ever Before Are Stressed, Overwhelmed and Struggling to Find Clients & Create A Consistent Income In Their Business

Here’s the thing…

As the coaching industry expands at lightning speed, an explosive glut of “experts and gurus” have appeared on the scene.

And there’s more information and teachings promising to help new coaches build a thriving business than at any other time in the history of the industry.

A quick Google search offers a taste of what’s going on out there…

A search for “marketing methods for coaches” delivered 300,000,000 results, ”sales strategies for coaches” delivered 2,850,000,000 results and “how to be a successful coach” came in at a whopping 530,000,000 results…

So in the midst of this massive information overload, new and aspiring coaches are getting caught up in an overwhelming flood of strategies like:

  • Build a professional website with all the bells and whistles
  • Find the perfect niche
  • Build an automated sales funnel
  • Get in front of the camera and post videos and Reels on social media every day

… and on and on. It’s a recipe for disaster. Why?

Well, most coaches quickly become distracted and frustrated trying to make sense of it all — trying to figure out how and when to apply these strategies to create a consistent, reliable income.

Some procrastinate endlessly while others work harder and harder, implementing  multiple strategies but none of it helps them get the answer to the question every new coach has at the start of their journey…

How can I quickly create a reliable coaching income I can count on?

It’s not that the marketing tools and strategies out there don’t work and it’s not that  new coaches lack commitment, talent or ambition.  So what’s really going on?

The Real Reason You’re Hitting a Wall in Your Coaching Income

Have you noticed how just about everything that has to do with building a thriving coaching business is focused on DOING more?

It’s about taking action on a bunch of strategies, following multiple processes, or executing on a series of steps.

This is the common “outside in” model for success most experts teach and you can see it play out across all industries… and the coaching industry is no exception!

The ideology behind this model is that you take action right away to try and create the results you’re looking for, then you’ll start to believe in yourself and finally, you’ll become the successful coach you want to be.

Here’s what the outside in model looks like:

Act → Think → Be

What most experts don’t realize (or don’t tell you) is that the opposite is true.

How NOT to Be An Overworked, Underpaid Coach

You’ve probably heard the saying “you have to see it to believe it” but the truth is you have to believe it to see it.

Sustainable success and growth in your coaching business is about applying the inside out model to create change in your inner world so you can powerfully transform your outer world.

The inside out model for coaching success looks like this:

Think → Be → Act

This powerful model is based on thousands of hours of working with new and aspiring coaches in every possible niche, from hundreds of countries all over the world

And it has been shown to create incredible results in just about every challenging situation you can think of like…

Unexpected economic downturns such as a world recession, unpredictable personal life shake-ups like a divorce or job loss or even increased competition in a particular coaching niche or even across the entire industry.

So why does the inside out approach work like a charm?

It’s NOT about relying on external circumstances that are beyond your control like a good, stable economy or everything going perfectly in your personal life.

And it’s definitely NOT about fragmenting your energy, time, money and attention applying multiple strategies in your business so you’re totally stressed and end up overworked, and underpaid.

The Inside Out Model Cuts Through the Noise And Radically Simplifies Your Path to Success Like Nothing Else Can

The inside out model can be distilled down to just 3 transformative shifts that get you hyper focused, intentional and clear so building a thriving coaching practice as a new coach becomes inevitable.

Shift #1: THINK
Harness the Unlimited Power of Your Thoughts

We are a function of our thinking and this means the quality of your coaching, and your business arises from the quality of thoughts.

Harnessing the unlimited power of your thinking to rewrite internal stories and create empowering habits is the difference between a phenomenally successful coach and one who never stops struggling.

Shift #2: BE
Be Confident & Powerful Before You’re a Success

Clients want to work with a coach who is confident about creating results and powerful in the way they show up.

Building success in your coaching business is about learning to show up as a genuinely confident, powerful coach from the start — even before you achieve what you want in your business.

Shift #3: ACT
Take Intentional, Laser-Focused Action On a Single Financial Goal

You’ve probably heard that success is about taking action but that’s not the whole story.

Unfocused, unintentional action can make things so much worse because it creates confusion, uncertainty and distraction.

It’s why you need to focus ALL of your energy and efforts on achieving a single financial milestone — a MAGICAL number — that works to kickstart massive momentum and income growth

It’s how ALL coaches create phenomenal success including the legends who are currently at the 7-figure mark in their business.

Think about it…

Just Like You, The World’s Greatest Coaches Started With Zero. No Credibility. No Experience. No Clients.

Empty heading

Success Was Out Of Reach Until They Hit An All-Important Breakthrough Financial Milestone:The First $2,000

Empty heading

Why $2,000? We’ve found that this is a doable, achievable income goal for new coaches and it’s also a turning point.

Hitting that first $2000 with the inside out model cultivates real confidence and triggers a winning cycle in your business..

You’ll learn to support yourself with empowering thoughts and beliefs, while experientially learning to use a repeatable system to create clients and achieve greater income goals, so you can…

Turn That First $2,000 Into Your First $20,000, Your First $200,000 and Then That First $2,000,000

It can happen when you use the inside out model to…

  • Stop procrastinatingand start creating unstoppable upward momentum in your coaching skills and income
  • Tap into unshakeable confidence as a coachbecause you know how to transform self-sabotaging internal stories into empowering, supportive thoughts
  • Connect and reach new coaching clients with easebecause you understand exactly how to take focused, aligned actions to make it happen
  • Overcome fears a around showing up, networking and selling because you know how to authentically offer your services from the heart without becoming attached to the outcome
  • Let go of anxiety and resistance around getting paidand creating a high income coaching business because you understand how to work with the energy of money



Your First $2,000

6 Weeks to Your Coaching Business Takeoff

Apply the Proven Inside Out Model to Become a Powerfully Confident Coach & Hit Your First Breakthrough Financial Milestone in the Shortest Possible Time

Your First $2,000 is a transformative learning and coaching experience that equips you with everything you need to rapidly get to your first critical income goal and create ongoing success and growth in your business.

You’ll learn how to implement the “think, be, act” inside out model so you can show up and coach powerfully and with genuine confidence even if you’ve never worked with a client before.

In  6 weeks, you’ll learn how to dissolve your fears, doubts and anxiety, adopt self-empowering internal stories, attract a flow of ideal clients…

And kickstart your journey to your 5, 6 and 7-figure coaching empire.

Here’s What You Can Achieve With Your First $2,000

  1. Rewrite Inner Stories for Profound Change and Confidence

By accurately identifying the stories you’re telling yourself, you’ll shift from disempowered thoughts to empowered thinking as you overcome sabotaging blocks and habits like procrastination, self-doubt, overthinking and more

  1. Hit Then Surpass That First Critical Income Goal in Your Coaching Business

Master the energy of money so you can break through conscious and unconscious income limitations, build supportive money habits and continuously create higher levels of income in your business

  1. Communicate Powerfully and Become Irresistible to Clients

Get a clear gameplan on creating essential communications using the pillars of ethical influence so you can connect with potential clients, nurture powerful partnerships and rapidly grow your audience and network even if you think you’re an introvert

  1. Design Your Environment So Success Becomes Inevitable

Learn how to work with 3 needle-moving factors to redesign your current surroundings so you’re working from an environment that guarantees high performance and lets you achieve your goals in a state of flow

  1. Create Transformative Offers and Establish a Solid Reputation as A Results-Driven Coach

Discover exactly how to design offers that lead to powerful client transformations with the Offer Design Framework that’s behind incredibly successful coaching offers that have brought in multiple millions in sales

  1. Master The Art of Authentic Sales And Fully Enjoy The Act of Selling

Unwind negative beliefs around sales and understand how to create phenomenal sales with your coaching services and programs while enjoying the process and staying in complete alignment with your integrity and values

  1. Set Up Systems that Support Ongoing Growth and Expansion

Learn to easily set up the 5 core tech components for a strong business infrastructure so you can quickly grow your business and position yourself as a professional coach online… even if you hate all things tech

What’s Inside Your First $2,000

Your First $2000 is custom-designed to support you in hitting your first breakthrough financial milestone in 6 weeks and trigger ongoing success with the powerful “think, act, be”  inside out model.

As a new or aspiring coach, you’ll adopt personal beliefs, mindset and practices, plus tools and processes to build a profitable business so you can start off on the right track and enjoy a long and rewarding career as a respected, high income coach.

Week 1: THINK

Think Like a $2,000 Coach

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Awaken to the internal stories you’re telling yourself so you can show up as a genuinely confident, powerful coach

Highlights include:

  • 2 kinds of stories you’re telling yourselfand how knowing the difference will make or break your ability to achieve your goals
  • Recognizing 30 common thoughts that are currently holding you backfrom achieving your first $2,000
  • Step-by-step processto transform unhelpful, negative thoughts into supportive thoughts that fuel success
  • The simple, actionable methodto consistently, and intentionally organize your thoughts

Behaviors That Sabotage

Identify unhelpful habits and behavior patterns to permanently break free from self-sabotage

Highlights include:

  • The real truth about why you are sabotaging yourselfeither knowing or unknowingly and what to do about it
  • The key behavior differentiation between a confident $2,000 coachwho continues to grow and a zero income coach who stays stuck
  • Identifying 34 “productive actions” that are actually time-wasting tasksholding you back from growing a successful business
  • The 4 “What” and 1 “How” questionyou can use in the moment to quickly coach yourself out of self-sabotaging behavior

Top Priorities of a $2,000 Coach

Fully embody powerful thinking to overcome any challenge so you can hit that first $2,000 no matter what

Highlights include:

  • Needle-moving prioritiesyou need to focus on to achieve your first $2,000 in the next few weeks
  • 3 daily actionsto quickly create the outcomes you desire in your coaching business
  • Understanding the mind of a $2,000 coachand what to do so you can immediately adopt this way of thinking
  • The 1 thing you must do to give yourself the accountability and support you needfor success


Week 2: BE

Be a $2,000 Coach

 Living A Life of Service

Live a life of love and service so you can effortlessly coach anyone, anywhere at the highest level

Highlights include:

  • How to show up from a place of service at all timesand discovering the powerful coaching possibilities that can unfold when you do
  • Exactly what you can do so clients feel genuinely and joyfully compelled to reward youfor your coaching
  • The critical belief that has the power to give you the confidenceand drive to create lasting success as a coach
  • How to practice being of serviceand what you can do to take your coaching skills to the next level

Being a Money Making Coach

Develop deep knowledge on how the energy of money works so you can accelerate your coaching income with ease

Highlights include:

  • Unearthing the core concepts of money energyso you can harness this energy to reach your income goals
  • 6 emotions that reject and repel moneyand how to safely step out of these emotions in a healthy way
  • The 5 key distinctionsyou must consider so greater amounts of income can flow into your coaching business
  • The art of bringing your awareness to how you feel, act and behavearound your finances so you create an empowered relationship with money

Engineering Your Environment

Powerfully construct your environment to create the results you want and trigger continuous upward momentum

Highlights include:

  • Why purposefully engineering your environment will 10x your progressand what’s the first thing you need to do to successfully achieve this goal
  • How to accurately audit your current surroundingsso you can quickly recognize and identify what needs to change
  • Making powerful choices in personal and social settingsso everything in your world can align to propel you toward your business and coaching objectives
  • The 1 thing you need to do so you can focus on your prioritiesand create results you want, effortlessly


Week 3: ACT

Act Like a $2,000 Coach

Getting to Know Your Ideal Client

Accurately identify who you are meant to serve and discover your clients’ needs and desires so they’re excited to work with you

Highlights include:

  • The difference between deciding on your niche and your ideal clientplus how you can make an ideal choice to build a world-class reputation as a coach.
  • The eye-opening, unusual questionthat will immediately shed light on who you are meant to serve
  • Exactly what you can do toquickly become the ideal coach for your ideal clients
  • A proven system to discover your ideal clients’ true needsand desires so you can communicate and offer your services confidently

The Art of $2,000 Prospecting

Create a systemized approach to connect with potential ideal clients or prospects so you’ll never have to worry about filling your coaching schedule

Highlights include:

  • Starting and expanding on a database of potential ideal clients so you can continuously connect with themwithout any effort
  • Behind-the-scenes prospecting infrastructurethat leads to consistent income growth in your business right  from the start
  • In-depth exploration of the 7 key prospecting methodsthat are timeless and how to maximize each one
  • 6 transformational techniquesyou can immediately apply to ensure successful prospecting


Week 4: ACT

Act Like a $2,000 Coach

Powerful Coaching Conversations

Master the art of powerful coaching conversations that will make every prospective client want to work with you

Highlights include:

  • How to embody deep listening to have a powerful coaching conversation.
  • Asking powerful questions that challenge the client’s assumptions, encourage self-reflection, and lead to new insights. Open-ended questions that begin with “what” and “how” are often more effective than closed-ended ones.
  • Creating a non-judgmental environment where clients feel comfortable exploring their thoughts and feelings.
  • Building trustby being authentic, empathetic, and reliable. Trust allows clients to open up and be vulnerable, leading to more meaningful conversations.
  • Help clients identify and challenge limiting beliefs that may be holding them back. This involves gently pushing clients out of their comfort zones and encouraging them to see new possibilities.

Nailing Your $2000 Offers

Design coaching packages and offers that are totally irresistible to ideal clients, every time

Highlights include:

  • How to apply the incredibly effective, proven-to-work offer-creation frameworkthat has brought in multiple millions in sales
  • 3 core elements you must integrate into your offerdesign process in order to create a service or program that actually delivers the results you promised
  • The3 factors to avoid when you price your offers so you can quickly and authentically increase your coaching income even as a new coach
  • What “stacking” means and how to use it so yourclients are excited to take action and work with you


Week 5: ACT 

Act Like a $2,000 Coach

The Heart of Successful Sales

Understand how to offer your services from the heart so selling starts to feel effortless and enjoyable

Highlights include:

  • A powerful visualization that lets you travel into your psycheto discover what it really means to sell your offers and services
  • 5 factors at the Heart of Successful Salesand how to easily implement each one
  • The true, unspoken definition of salesand how you can tap into it to effectively release your resistance around selling

Objection handling

Understand how to offer your services from the heart so selling starts to feel effortless and enjoyable

Highlights include:

  • Understanding Objections:Clients may have concerns or objections that prevent them from committing to coaching, and you’ll learn how to address them effectively
  • How to uncover the real issue insteadof immediately countering objections. Sometimes objections are not the real obstacle, but rather a symptom of a deeper concern.
  • How to coach and guide clients through objectionsby asking them powerful questions
  • The only 2 reasons clients have objections to your offers and a step-by-step processon how to overcome every objection.


Week 6: ACT

Act Like a $2,000 Coach

Conquering Systems & Technology

Get clarity on systems and technology to quickly and easily create a strong presence online

Highlights include:

  • 5 key tech-based elements to start and build a successful coaching business online
  • The only 2 components you need to focus on to support your entire online infrastructure
  • How to effortlessly add depth and dimension to your online profile
  • Exactly what your ideal clients are looking forwhen they’re searching for a coach online and what you can do to build trust and credibility (without saying a word!)

Bonus Training: Create $2,000 Consistently

Make $2,000 or more in your coaching business month after month

Highlights include:

  • Theone thing that stunts business growth and gets you stuck under an invisible money ceiling
  • How to continue expanding your income without looking for new clients or growing your audience
  • A powerful mindset shiftthat lets you create continuous coaching opportunities
  • The game-changing action legendary coaches takewith their clients that leads to endless new possibilities


Here’s Everything You’ll Get With Your First $2,000

6 Weeks of Core Essential Video Trainings
(Value $3,000)

12 video trainings designed around the powerful inside out model: Think→Be→Act.  Each lesson offers the core essentials you need to rapidly achieve hyper focused clarity so you can confidently build progress and momentum toward your first $2000 minus overwhelm, distraction or confusion

6  x Transformational Weekly Live Trainings with Master Coach Ajit Nawalkha
(Value $2,499)

Join Master Coach Ajit as he teaches, guides and coaches you to take action and hit your first $2,000 in the fastest possible time. Each of the 6 live training sessions will help you successfully implement everything you learn as you go so you can start seeing results even before you finish the program.

Access to a Dynamic, Highly Motivated Global Community of Peer Coaches
(Value $499)

Get ongoing accountability, feedback, input, support and innovative ideas and insights to accelerate your progress from one of the most motivated and creative communities of peer coaches on the planet. The Evercoach community offers a safe, encouraging space where you can take action and build unstoppable momentum as you put your learnings into practice, week after week.

Bonus #1: In-depth workbook to coach yourself out of any challenge
(Value $499)

Game-changing workbook with step-by-step instructions to how to navigate through challenges and turn obstacles into opportunities.

Bonus #2: Create $2,000 consistently

(Value $997)

Learn how to continue expanding your income without looking for new clients or growing your audience. Make $2,000 or more in your coaching business month after month.

Bonus #3: Coaching Session Planner Course + Plug & Play Templates
(Value $149)

Powerful online course to expertly structure outstanding client sessions so you can create unforgettable results every time. The course includes a powerful pre-session meditation, vital plug-and-play templates like pre and post-session intake forms and a done-for-you client agreement you can use again and again.


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