Annie Lalla – Heart Coach


Annie Lalla Heart Coach

Annie Lalla Heart Coach, In this training, you’ll learn a variety of advanced, ninja coaching methods that will get your clients excellent results in their relationships.

Annie Lalla – Heart Coach

Annie Lalla - Heart Coach

The Heart Coach program is designed to educate and inspire relationship coaches with a comprehensive toolkit of coaching skills, relational models and cutting-edge emotional technology.
You’ll learn how to create transformational results and attract high-paying clients.

  • Just starting out as a relationship coach? No worries, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to become an authentic HEART COACH and launch your coaching practice in just 90 days. You’ll learn the Inner Game of confidence and credibility plus the Outer Game of crafting compelling marketing to attract ideal clients that you adore.
  • Already a relationship coach? HEART COACH equips you with transformational power tools that create breakthrough results. This is what inspires your clients to refer you to their family and friends. Learn how to attract dream clients that help you grow your business success.
  • You cannot succeed financially until you believe you deserve it.
    If you’re stuck beneath an invisible upper limit,
    We’ll help you go beyond!
  • We know that you’ll need a supportive environment to practice your natural skills and apply new techniques. That’s why we offer all-live zoom learning sessionswhere you can join a community of coaches, practice your skills, and receive assistance whenever you need it.
    We’re committed to creating a safe, loving container for you to grow and thrive triumphantly.
    Safety is our highest priority. Until you can generate safety for yourself, you’ll struggle to do this for others. In this dojo you’ll learn how to create safety around any emotion – in yourself or in another.


Let’s Explore
The Next 90 Days Together

In this training, you’ll learn a variety of advanced, ninja coaching methods that will get your clients excellent results in their relationships. These are the distilled wisdom gleaned from 1000’s of coaching sessions with singles & couples wanting to upgrade the way they show up.

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to deliver high-value coaching that’s worth the thousands of dollars clients will invest. You’ll learn the exact frames & models for emotional transformation. Master Relationship Coaching

  • Cultivate the ability to hold space so your clients feel safe, cared for, and strong enough to take new inspired actions in their life
  • Learn cutting edge-tools to support your clients through relational transformations
  • Know exactly what to do when clients feel fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, or shame. Learn to honor all feelings as wise teachers.

Tools For Making Emotional Shifts

  • Build emotional fitness in yourself & clients and become a Relationship Leader
  • Learn to self-regulate and co-regulate others
  • Build your emotional intelligence so you navigate conflict with ease and grace

Solve & Prevent Conflicts Like A Boss

  • Learn maps for various types of conflict so you resolve them quickly and easily
  • Understand what causes tension upstream so you can help prevent it
  • Develop a portfolio of conflict resolution tools to apply in any situation

Live Coaching + Demos + Q&A

  • Watch live coaching in action, then practice in class so you can coach from your own experience
  • Ask any question and get live answers from Annie
  • Bring your impasses or client issues, and we’ll help!

Exercises, Scripts + Worksheets

  • Access a suite of ready-made tools you can use with clients, so you always know what to say and do
  • Learn the tools that resonate for you, then practice them in live sessions until they feel intuitiive
  • Hacks and shortcuts for doing relationship coaching faster and more effectively

Marketing, Sales, Copy + Tech

  • Hands-on training for all technology, your website, emails, landing pages, social media
  • Specialized tech training sessions to bring your questions, and solve wherever you’e stuck
  • Focused workshops on marketing and sales strategies to attract clients who love you!


Get Paid Well By Real Clients

The trick to getting paid really well, is to find the right clients for you.

In the Heart Coach program you’ll learn how to turn coaching conversations into real, paying clients, and master getting referrals and introductions to your ideal clients.

Plus, you’ll learn the models that affluent clients want you to use with them.

Master YOUR Relationships!

We want YOUR LOVE life to WORK.
That’s why you’ll be learning new ways to fall in love with yourself, your life, and a partner.

You can’t teach what you don’t know. When you solve the problems in your own relationships, you’re now equipped with the tools and experience to support others in theirs. Your life IS your marketing.

Who’s Right For Heart Coach?

  • Someone who has “heard the calling” to be a coach and is drawn to healing relationships
  • Someone who enjoys supporting people in improving personal or professional relationships
  • Someone who knows it takes work to make relationships last yet they believe in True Love

If you’re the kind of person that loves midwifing people through relational challenges and feel triumphant success when they emerge on the other side… then this is the program for you!


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In this training, you’ll learn a variety of advanced, ninja coaching methods that will get your clients excellent results in their relationships.

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