Atlas & Ego Driven – Mental Warfare Strategies Complete Collection


Mental Warfare Strategies Exposes 27 Manipulation Strategies That Might Be Used to Influence Your Behavior. Format File: [29 MP3, 2 PDF] (NEW)

Atlas & Ego Driven – Mental Warfare Strategies Complete Collection

Atlas & Ego Driven - Mental Warfare Strategies Complete Collection

Do you know all the intimidation techniques manipulators use as last resort? E-go Driven and Atlas expose them all and more:

Mental Warfare Strategies Exposes 27 Manipulation Strategies That Might Be Used to Influence Your Behavior.

Raise your awareness and spot manipulation techniques in real-time to protect your heart and mind.
Master the art of speed reading people’s intentions and protect yourself from unstable individuals.
What makes the difference? Learn why some people become victimized by high-level manipulation and some get away without a mental or physical scratch.
The manipulators strategies EXPOSED: What makes an optimal target and how to shield yourself from manipulative personalities.
FREE Updates: Get every update of Mental Warfare Strategies for Free

Can You Spot a Manipulator?

Not knowing that manipulative people exist is probably the greatest vulnerability you can have in life. Let alone that one might be intimately close to you.

Your significant other. Your Boss. Your family member.

Running around with horse blinders while a manipulator is scheming around you is the second greatest risk. What is the consequence of recognizing the bad apple too late?

You feel that your hands lose grip on reality.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

Ever tried to distance yourself from a manipulative person?

It takes only 3 weeks and a bit of alcohol to find their name in your contact register again.

During the time apart, you hit a wall of painful realization. Any sense of identity, self-worth or self-confidence is gone. Evaporated like droplets of water on a hot summer day.

It feels like your old self has just disappeared & died somewhere along the way. Sitting on your bed doubting yourself, your choices, your situation – Doing this all day every day is too painful. So you go back to them.

Staying connected is much worse. Death by a thousand cuts. Lies, Mistreatment & Codependency that chips away parts of your spirit.

If you can gain awareness and spot the subtle or not-so-subtle signs of their manipulation attempts? You can defend yourself. You can feel stronger. You can get back control over yourself.

You’ll gain tremendous emotional strength to protect your heart or leave the interaction before anything happens.

Long-Term Consequences of Manipulation Might Be…

Do you recognize one of these?
Isolation & numbness

You become an observer. Most of your time is spent avoiding interactions. “Nothing” may be the only thing you feel. A warm hug with grandma that is normally joyful is dismissed with 0 reaction.
Requiring approval

Excessive accomplishing, being nice to everyone, becoming a people pleaser and being overly focused on appearances are signs of needing approval.
Feeling resentful

Frustration, impatience, irritability, and blame. After someone manipulates you into pain, it can be hard to see anything but that bad behavior.
Excessive judging

You hold others and yourself to very high standards. Look at it from a bird’s perspective. The standards you set are almost impossible to reach.
Depression and anxiety

If someone tells you the same lies every day you eventually start seeing it as truth. The same goes for constant manipulation and emotional abuse.

Are You In The Presence of A Manipulator?

You should know this…

You might figure out you’re actually not crazy. There are so many people walking around damaging others emotionally on purpose.

When voicing your heartfelt concerns, manipulators will tell you “you’re wrong”, “it’s all in your head” or “are you crazy?” They make you believe it’s because of your upbringing or your depression.
At one point, believing them is your only logical conclusion.

Your intuition tells you that something is not right. Trusting your intuition is no problem, but you can’t put your finger on it. So you let it slide. (Big mistake.)

Slowly your faith in your grasp of reality is undermined. You stop trusting yourself and start questioning your sanity.

You can prevent manipulators from dealing emotional damage, creating long-term consequences, ruining your life altogether. Watch the cues their behavior leaves behind. If you don’t…


Healing Your Wounds and Accepting Emotional Scars Can Take The Lifetime of Multiple Therapists.

And cost hundreds of thousands of dollars…

Seeing yourself become chipped away and broken down is an insidious process. A relationship or friendship that started out promising turns you weak, powerless, jealous and insecure.

Try to heal the parts of yourself that you can barely recognize. You’ll understand fast that it’s an attempt in vain. It’s better to prevent a manipulator from doing harm.

Understanding the techniques of manipulators will help you protect yourself from any planned or on-going manipulation attempts.

But make a quick google search to see that…
Almost all sources teach you pseudo advice…

Blogs, News-reports, Pseudo machiavellian twitter accounts will help you protect yourself from everyone except real manipulators.

Do you think abstract advice like this helps you?

“Advice” like this makes everyone the enemy, except the ones that can harm you

A life withdrawn from any kind of affection, closeness, relationships to protect yourself is no life worth living.

To keep family and friends close and shut out toxic snakes, you must know how to spot exact manipulation techniques.

Atlas & Ego were able to spot that most online sources are not sufficient enough.

In this day and age where a manipulator has endless points of attack, they understand the importance of protecting your body and mind.

To make you immune to manipulation in less than 1 hour they created…


Mental Warfare Strategies (MWS)

MWS equips your mind with exact techniques manipulators use.

If you desperately try to keep information about yourself private? A manipulator will poke your bubble with underhand questions that force you to spill personal data about something else. Here you’ll discover how to fix it…
Every manipulator is sleazy and easy to spot, right? WRONG. Here are 6 hidden “markers” of a manipulator you must know to protect yourself.
How manipulators deplete your most important resource without putting in any effort.
The secret process a manipulator uses to shift you from “Could you make me a coffee” to “Please send me over $3000” fast. It only takes 3 favors. (Simon Leviev did that with way more money and ended up as the Tinder Swindler)

You will learn to…

spot manipulation techniques in real-time, catch manipulators red-handed, know who is a manipulator without second guessing yourself.
Manipulators will fail and recognize very fast they have no chance with you
Know what to look for when your intuition speaks up about the person in front of you.
Time is of essence and you have no time for the fluff you find in books. MWS offers you 16 quality audios with clear and concise information.
Manipulators become smarter everyday. MWS receives updates. Anytime Atlas and Ego find a new Technique they will update MWS.

Ever bought a book without ever reading it?

Mental Warfare Strategies offers you 27 Quality Audios you can listen to on the go.


Mental Warfare StrategiesWill Reveal To You:

That Every second damages you in favor of the “charming manipulator” and the secret to why his polished style corrupts your decision-making. PLUS Discover the five hidden questions to get yourself off his hook.
If someone you know says “How dare you do such a thing to me?”, then you must watch out. These words act like camouflaged poison for your emotional guidance system. They also carry manipulative power beyond normal comprehension. (Just as sentences like “After all I have done for you, this is how you reward me?” and “I’ve never refused you anything and you have the nerve to say no to me…”)
Why an unprofessional announcement by some well-known journalist carries just as much weight as a signature of renowned researchers… AND Why its consequences carry over into danger for the market and your personal life…
The strange fact that a few words printed on recycled paper with “offset ink” fools the whole western society by creating politician level credibility. (It would be understandable if it’s a business card. But it’s not…)

Also did you ever…?

Did you ever cross your arms during a conversation? This could mean you have been manipulated. It’s almost unknown… but it’s called “Mirroring” and widespread in con-artists and the PUA scene.
The secret to leveraging physical reality to isolate and manipulate individuals. This is how you can protect yourself from predatory behavior. Marker No. 2 must be always in the back of your mind.
The undercover clothing that manipulators use to prevent you from forming a proper opinion. Doctors and Mechanics leverage the same principle to help you out. But in the wrong hands it can cost you up to hundreds or thousands of dollars.
How classified four-letter anagrams that separate experts from laymen give manipulators the greenlight to suck money out your pockets.

Do You Trust Doctors? Maybe you should reconsider:

FACT: Doctors can be bought just as easily as politicians. It just has more severe consequences on your health. Inside you’ll discover the right tools to protect your health from devious doctors at all cost.
Why your government secretly encourages urban violence to develop and why it has cost thousands of families their freedom in the long run. See American Street Violence. The same overlooked key is also causing an economic crisis in a “stable” country like Afghanistan. (We talk about Afghanistan before America decided to share it’s freedom in the form of bombs)
The classified “Gradient Strategy” will show you how the current “7%” inflation rate was planned 10 years ago. And it’s evaporating any money reserves the middle class ever had. (25% of today’s money was printed in the last 2 years. Meaning the inflation rate is around 16% at this point. The market just has not caught up with it.)
The quick and dirty but covert strategy manipulators use to kill your rational and logic. This is used to keep you from making any decisions on your own. It’s a stealth attack on your mind and the longer you spend with that manipulator? The less you trust yourself.
Why the quote of Anne Bradstreet holds more truth than ever: “Sweet words are like honey, a little may refresh, but too much gluts the stomach.”

You’ll Also Uncover:

The human fear that manipulators feed and why some people become paralyzed by it. (Not the fear of death)
The overt and covert intimidation techniques manipulators use as last resort. (Explained in detail in the program)
Why this “personality trait” will paint a bullseye on your back. (It’s a tightrope because society encourages this trait and gives you praIse for it.)
How a manipulator can say a “few words” and make bullying acceptable. It’s delusional but powerful.
How manipulators “flip the script” and avoid to answer any of your questions. When they leave you will have more questions than answers.

MWS is for you

if you want to know when manipulators are close. You will know who to avoid and who to engage with.

If you understand manipulation is not always obvious and covert manipulation can be happening, this product is for you.

Do you think someone has manipulated you in the past?Consider usingMWS to understand and validate your experience.

Understanding what happened can lead to emotional closure and you can move on.

The immediate aftermath of a manipulative relationship can throw you in the throes of pain.

MWS might be what you need to get through the day.
Mental Warfare Strategies is a one time investment for your sanity.

It’s also way cheaper than working out what happened to you with a therapist that will see “you as the problem.

Still Here?

Life today is complicated. Gone are the good old days when things were easy, and people were comfortable living simple, mundane lives. Today everywhere you go, there is a race going on, and everyone is trying to get the best for themselves.

In most cases, this happens at the expense of someone else. And we promise you, it will get worse.
Don’t let it be
you. Buy Mental Warfare Strategies Now.

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