Dr. Gabor Maté – The Wisdom of Trauma All-Access Pass


Dr. Gabor Maté The Wisdom of Trauma All-Access Pass

Dr. Gabor Maté The Wisdom of Trauma All-Access Pass, Understanding Trauma. The Nature and Science of Trauma. Saying NO — Attachment vs Authenticity. Relationships…

Dr. Gabor Maté – The Wisdom of Trauma All-Access Pass

Dr. Gabor Maté - The Wisdom of Trauma All-Access Pass




Session 1: Understanding Trauma
Session 2: The Nature and Science of Trauma
Session 3: Saying NO — Attachment vs Authenticity
Session 4: Relationships
Session 5: On Guilt, Shame, Anger and Grief
Session 6: Illness as Adaptation
Session 7: Psychedelics and Trauma
Session 8: Spiritual Bypassing
Session 9: Healing and Compassion
Session 10: Compassionate Inquiry Case Studies
Session 11: Somatic Practices with Betsy Polatin Part 1
Session 12: Somatic Practices with Betsy Polatin Part 2


  •  Kick-off Introduction, with Gabor Maté, Zaya Benazzo, Maurizio Benazzo, & special guest Raffi
  •  Somatic Abolitionism: Nurturing Healing Communities with Resmaa Menakem
  •  Healing Trauma in a Fractured World, with Thomas Hübl
  •  Trauma and the Nervous System from the Polyvagal Theory Perspective, with Stephen W. Porges
  •  A Vision for Compassionate Prisons, with Fritzi Horstman, Nneka Jones Tapia
  •  Examining the Root Cause of Addiction from an Indigenous Lens, with Gina Perez-Baron (Woman Stands Shining), Pat McCabe & Daniel “RYNO” Herrera
  •  Broken Connections: Healing Strategies for Trauma and Attachment, with Diane Poole Heller
  •  Relationships as Mirrors of our Trauma, with Esther Perel
  •  Self-expression and Mindfulness in Healing, with Alanis Morissette
  •  Trauma and the Somatic Connection, with Peter A. Levine
  •  Building Intergenerational Trauma Sensitivity & Awareness, with Sará King, Angel Acosta & Daniel Siegel
  •  Psychedelic Therapy for Trauma Healing, with Françoise Bourzat, Rick Doblin, Marcella Ot’alora G.
  •  Sensitivity, Creativity and Pain in a Traumatizing Culture, with Sia
  • The Importance of Holotropic States in the Field of Psychotherapy with Stanislav Grof
  •  The Trauma in the Body of the World, with V (formerly Eve Ensler)
  • Q&A with the film characters: Rae Maté, Fritzi Horstman, Romie Nottage, Tessa Rose, Juthaporn Chaloeicheep & Gabor Maté, Hosted by Zaya & Maurizio Benazzo

Bonus — Sound Healing:

  • MetaMusic Journey: an immersive sound experience for inner voyagers, with Laura Inserra



  • Kick-Off Introduction, with Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo & Dr. Gabor Maté
  • Politics of Trauma and the Trauma of Politics, with Marianne Williamson, Staci K Haines, Prentis Hemphill, & Rupa Marya
  • Climate Crisis, Fragmentation and Collective Trauma, with Bayo Akomolafe, Eriel Tchekwie Deranger & Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq (Uncle)
  • Rising Consciousness of Trauma in Society, with Bessel van der Kolk
  • Never Broken, with Jewel 
  • Women, Trauma and the Patriarchy, with Jamie Lee Curtis, Elisa Hallerman, Ashley Judd, & Mona Haydar
  • Child-rearing That Does Not Traumatize, with Darcia Narvaez, Gordon Neufeld, Kate Silverton & Muffy Mendoza
  • Addiction, Trauma and Healing, with Richard Schwartz, Guy Felicella, Nikki Myers, & Tommy Rosen
  • Finding Wholeness Through our Broken Places, with Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield 
  •  Chronic Pain and Trauma-informed Healing, with Howard Schubiner, Jennifer Wallin, Steve Ozanich & Tommy Rosen
  •  Trauma and Spirituality, with Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, Sharon Salzberg & Henry Shukman
  •  How Trauma Literacy Can Transform Medicine, with Rupa Marya, Pamela Wible, Will Van Derveer & Jeffrey Rediger
  •  Indigenous Resilience: Healing Trauma Through Tradition and Resistance, with Jesse Thistle, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Ruby Gibson, & Patricia Vickers
  •  Identity Marginalization and Trauma, with Vimalasara Mason-John, Kai Cheng Thom, Dylan Wilder & Hannah Maté
  •  Healing Trauma with Traditional & Modern Psychedelic Medicine, with Mee Ok Icaro, Amanda Feilding, Tim McCarty & Mellody R Hayes
  • From Incarceration to Compassion, with Zaya & Maurizio Benazzo, Fritzi Horstman, Gregory Nottage, & Vandrick Towns
  •  A Vision for Collective Healing, with Fania Davis

Embodiment & Meditation Practices:

  •  Tapping into the Body’s Genius for Integration, with Philip Shepherd
  •  Deepening into our True Self, with Judith Blackstone
  •  Coming Back to Yourself with Breath and Movement, with Betsy Polatin
  •  Mindfulness and Wise Self Compassion, with Fresh “Lev” White
  • Being Present with Intergenerational Suffering and Strength, with Kaira Jewel Lingo
  • Metamusic Journey, with Laura Inserra


  • 1. Humanual Basics with Betsy Polatin  
    • Part 1 (20 min sample) & Part 2 (15 min sample)
  • 2. Breath of the Ancestors with Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, Resmaa Menakem & Anita Sanchez
    • Part 1:  Harvesting Ancestral Wisdom & Transmuting Intergenerational Traumas
    • Part 2: Rage & Resilience: The Cultural Legacies of Trauma on Black Communities/Bodies
    • Part 3: Good Medicine: Living in Harmony with the Ancients and the Ones to Come
  • 3. Trauma as a Path to Embodied Wisdom with Julie Brown Yau
    • Part 1: The Nuances of Developmental Trauma
    • Part 2: Love: The Other Side of Trauma
    • Part 3: Giving Protection To and Going Beyond the Mind
  • 4. Attachment, Trauma and Sexuality—Coming Home to the True Self with Ariel Giarretto
    • Part 1: Trauma, Attachment, Connection, and Pleasure
    • Part 2: Embodiment, Abuse, and Intimacy
  • 5. Resolving Addiction and its Driving Forces with Scott Kiloby
    • Part 1: Introduction: A Talk on Suffering and Why It Isn’t Necessary
    • Part 2: Readiness is the Foundation
    • Part 3: The Drivers
    • Part 4: What is True Recovery?

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