Geoff Neupert – The Giant Training Program


He’s been one of my customers for that long, having purchased several of my products and beta-tested others, including Kettlebell STRONG!, Kettlebell RMF, and Kettlebell EXPRESS! (twice).  Format File: 1 eBook – pdf

Geoff Neupert – The Giant Training Program

Geoff Neupert - The Giant Training Program


That’s the StrongFirst Training Forum –

Over 61K views and 51 pages of questions, comments, reviews, and real life dudes (almost all of them over 35… Many over 50)…

… Discussing what appears to be the latest rage in kettlebell training…



It’s John’s Fault.

I’ve “known” John Grahill for almost a decade now.

He’s been one of my customers for that long, having purchased several of my products and beta-tested others, including Kettlebell STRONG!, Kettlebell RMF, and Kettlebell EXPRESS! (twice).

Here’s a recent email exchange he and I had:

He was doing the “Double Giant” – which is the doubles version of a single kettlebell program called, “The Giant.”

As you can see, in only 3 weeks, training 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week (90 minutes total), John –

Dropped 4.5 pounds…
Wearing a pair of 35 inch waist jeans that were “slightly uncomfortable” and are now “spot on” – demonstrating that some of the weight he lost was stomach fat – the most dangerous kind – the stuff that contributes to heart disease…
Did this without “significantly altering his diet”…
His arms are “more vascular” – which means he’s seeing more definition in them…
Improved his conditioning levels by adding almost 2 extra ladders…

Here’s what else John said –

John emailed me after Day1, Week 4. He was able to improve his reps from 55 in one session to 72 in one session… in only 4 weeks.

That’s a 24% increase in total work performed!

In other words, John saw a 24% increase in his strength levels in only 4 weeks!

Oh, and I failed to mention –

John is a “high mileage” individual who’s in his mid-50’s!

This is more like that original promise of kettlebell training, wouldn’t you agree?

“Watch in amazement as high-rep kettlebells let you hack the fat off your meat — without the dishonor of aerobics and dieting…”

Quite honestly though, John didn’t use reps that were that high.

He used “moderate” reps and my specialized programming.

But that’s not all…

How Does John Continue To Set
Non-Stop PR’s?

John just emailed me again (we keep in touch multiple times per week) with his latest update.

Look –

Since John started THE GIANT, he’s moved up a full kettlebell size from a pair of 32kg’s to a pair of 36kg’s.

That means he continues to get stronger and stronger, month after month.

Not only that, his heart rate is lower…

… which means he’s improving his heart health, and decreasing his risk of cardiovascular disease…

… Which is something every man over 40 has to be concerned about.

And nearly every week, every month…

He’s setting personal strength records, each and every week, while getting more and more muscular…

… And he’s still –

Staying Lean Without Dieting.

John’s not the only one who’s experiencing these types of results…

Not by a long shot.

Other guys –

Many over 35… Over 40… And even over 50…

Are stoked because they are finally experiencing some of the original promises of kettlebells training when they first hit the market back in 2000/2001…

Promises like –

“Watch in amazement as high-rep kettlebells let you hack the fat off your meat — without the dishonor of aerobics and dieting…”

“Go ape on your enemies — with gorilla shoulders and tree-swinging traps…”

(I have to admit – those were the two that put me over the edge and made me buy my first set of kettlebells all the way back in 2002.)

Look –

“… getting leaner in the abdominals and bigger shoulders…

“… intense and great for shredding the belly fat.”

“Feeling stronger and looking a lot better.”

“The Giant seems to have made all my shirts smaller, particularly in the shoulder and arm areas. The program has also made all my pants bigger in the waist.”

But that’s not all.

There are many others who report –

Getting Stronger & More Muscular Without Killing Themselves In

The Gym

“I feel leaner, stronger and what is more important, feeling zero pain in my shoulders.”

“…. after a month of the giant 1.0 and I gained almost 3kg of muscle… bodyfat maintained…”

65kg Mark Limbaga “casually presses” 32kg in one hand…

(I need to point out that Mark weighs a “whopping” 65kg (~140 pounds) or so and he’s casually pressing HALF HIS BODYWEIGHT with ONE HAND, without practicing!)

“I got stupid strong and was able to rag doll people on the mats in Jiu Jitsu.”

After Just 4 Weeks, Ron DOUBLED His Reps On His
Double Clean + Press – From 10 to 20!

I could continue to show you screenshot after screenshot after screenshot of emails and forum posts of guys’ results from THE GIANT.

(Feel free to head over the StrongFirst forum and poke around yourself.)

But I think you might get the point.

There are many kettlebell workout programs that claim to get results.

THE GIANT brings the goods.

Take a closer look –

Why Does THE GIANT Work So Well?

(Especially For Guys Over 35…)

For some reason, every 10 years or so, a fresh batch of “kettlebell coaches” show up and they fail to embrace the true power of kettlebell training.

On one hand, these “coaches,” who lack any significant experience, parrot yesteryear’s Party Line and promote “Swings and Get Ups” as the end all be all of kettlebell training…

“All you need…” they say…

On the other hand, some of these coaches “adapt” modern mainstream fitness trends for the kettlebell, producing a miss-mash of plans that barely do anything other than get you tired…

… Feeling hot, sweaty, and “worked out,” but without any long term results to show for it.

By contrast –

THE GIANT is based on ONE simple, yet physically challenging exercise:

The Clean + Press
(And The Actual Programming)

It doesn’t matter if you use one kettlebell or a pair of kettlebells.

And sure, you can run right out and start doing Clean + Presses on your own.


You’d be missing out on what actually makes THE GIANT “work”-

The Programming.

The programming inside THE GIANT is primarily based on the concept of “Autoregulation” –

Doing what you can on any given day based upon that day’s explicit training guidelines.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Yet, it was born out of 25+ years of empirical data of what works, and what doesn’t –

Especially for those of us over 35… 45… 55… and even 65…

Along with sports science and Soviet strength programming for weightlifters.

See, the “secret” lies in knowing how to structure the explicit training guidelines for each day.

So, when you use the “Autoregulation” guidelines as specified in THE GIANT, you too have the opportunity to achieve similar results to John and all the other guys who’ve used the program so far…

Men who have reported…

Shirts that fit tighter across the chest and shoulders….

Sleeve-stretching vascular arms, and forearms that look more like turkey drumstick than chicken legs…

Noticeably visible stomach fat loss, a tighter midsection and looser fitting jeans…

Extra daily energy from improved conditioning…

You may be tempted to think THE GIANT is just one program.

It’s not.

It’s actually FIVE different programs.

(John started with #4. Most start with #1.)

Here, take a closer look at what you’re getting today inside –


Here’s what’s inside:

THE GIANT 1.0 – A basic 10RM program for those with lower endurance…
THE GIANT 1.1 – An intermediate 10RM program for those with average endurance…
THE GIANT 1.2 – An intermediate 10RM program for those with better than average endurance…
THE GIANT 2.0 – An advanced 10RM program for those with average endurance and high levels of strength…
THE GIANT 3.0 – A 5RM program for those who want to make a heavy pair of kettlebells feel light…

And the best part is –

You can run all these programs back-to-back for 20 weeks of high quality programming!

How Much Does THE GIANT Cost?

Less than 20 Bucks.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Geoff Neupert – The Giant Training Program

– Download Sample files “Geoff Neupert – The Giant Training Program”

Course Requirement: Geoff Neupert – The Giant Training Program
Real Value: $19
One-time cost: USD 6

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