Gregor Maehle – Meditation Level 3 Course


Gregor Maehle – Meditation Level 3 Course

Gregor Maehle - Meditation Level 3 Course

This is our advanced yogic meditation course, consisting of 10 lessons with each lesson approximately 60 minutes long. During the LIVE version, questions can be asked. The recorded version is available immediately after each LIVE session is completed. Prerequisite for this course is participation in our Level 1 and 2 Meditation courses (you can access these courses on-demand here), either online or as part of one of our in-person trainings.

Yogic Meditation

Different to Vedantic or Buddhist meditation, yogic meditation contains the same structural elements as yogic postures and breathing and was designed to form together with those an integrated whole. Meditation is the method of bringing your mind into a receptive state
 so that you can receive higher knowledge that is already there. Yogic meditation is a collection of scientific methods to bring about such awareness. To accelerate spiritual evolution yogic meditation employs many means amongst which the prime ones are mantra, mudra, bandha, chakra-visualization and Kundalini-raising techniques. The yogic chakras are representations of evolutionary brain circuitry with the lower three chakras representing our reptilian, mammalian and primate ancestry respectively. By understanding the chakras and skillfully meditating on them yoga offers the opportunity to activate higher brain centres and propel the evolution not only of the individual but of society as a whole. Kundalini-raising techniques consist of a combination of all other yogic means to raise the life force (prana) to a level where meditation is easy and spiritual insight becomes spontaneous.

This course builds onto the Meditation Level 2 course and adds the Bhakti Yoga Level. All these new exercises are integrated into the type of practice achieved in the last class of the Level 2 course.

This course focusses firstly on the type of practice we are performing in the crown chakra during internal kumbhaka. This includes visualization of various divine forms, including those of shamanic and naturalistic cultures. Various ishtamantras are introduced to foster development and we learn how the Divine is then held in our heart throughout the day.

The focus then shifts to igniting Kundalini below the Muladhara Chakra in the state of external kumbhaka, via visualization and mantra recitation.

After these two steps are in place we are then implementing the six-stage double-up breath wave, which is used to drive Kundalini upwards. The psychological repercussions of all states potentially encountered are discussed and practices to stabilize Kundalini are introduced. Emphasis is placed on devotion and living a life on divine service and divine love and how this is to be practically implemented in our life.

At the same time we are deepening our practice of pratyahara mudras to achieve the simultaneous binding of the visual, kinaesthetic/tactile, olfactory and gustatory senses to their respective places. We are also further extending mantra count, while deepening our work with yantra shapes and yantra colours. The aim of this practice is to gradually attain mystical states by raising Kundalini through mental concentration, so that we understand and experience the cosmos as a crystallization of divine love, creativity and intelligence and a quest of the Divine for novelty and intensity.

Please note this is an advanced Level 3 course, which cannot be practised without an understanding and practice of the two previous levels.

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"Available''This course builds onto the Meditation Level 2 course and adds the Bhakti Yoga Level. All these new exercises are integrated into the type of practice achieved in the last class of the Level 2 course.File Size: 3 GB