James Colquhoun – The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program


James Colquhoun The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program

James Colquhoun The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program, Learn How to Use Nutrition to Master Your Mind & Body. Are You Ready to Take the Next Stepon Your Wellness Journey?

James Colquhoun – The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program

James Colquhoun - The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step
on Your Wellness Journey?

Studying nutrition changed my life. It helped me cut through the confusion of paleo, veganism, plant-based, intermittent fasting, and more to experience lasting energy, vitality, and improved immunity.

It gave me the tools and knowledge to help heal my father, successfully getting him off six medications, losing over 50lbs, and completely recovering his life and health. Being a part of this transformation also gave me the inspiration and confidence to start Food Matters.

This laid the groundwork for starting an online movement that has inspired millions worldwide.

Unfortunately, we aren’t taught about real nutrition in school. We have a medical profession that is rarely trained to use food as medicine, and the multi-billion dollar fast-food and pharmaceutical industries thrive on misleading consumers.

Now it’s time to take our power back!

Are You Tired of Feeling Like This?

  • You’re overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting ‘evidence’ online on the best diet for you.
  • You’re struggling with uncomfortable bloating, hormonal imbalances, constant digestive issues, and unexplained weight gain even though you live a healthy lifestyle.
  • You’re spending lots of time and money on specialist appointments, only to be sent off to get tests that cost you hundreds more.
  • You have no option but to live with an illness because you’ve tried every option out there and still find yourself unwell and unhappy.
  • You don’t have the credibility to be taken seriously by friends and family when it comes to health and wellness.
  • You’re ready to say goodbye to persistent sickness and pain, and transform your life using nutrition.
This is why we created the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program. To alleviate the overwhelm and hours spent seeking support, to help you transform your health and life, and help others do the same.

Get all the tools you need to heal yourself and others with theFood Matters Nutrition Certification Program. The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program Is for You If:

  • You are looking to improve the health of yourself and your family naturally.
  • You’re looking for solutions to digestive issues, hormone issues, inflammation, low immunity, a chronic illness, heart issues, and aging.
  • You want to learn from the world’s leading health experts on how food plays a key role in mood, energy levels, gut health, sleep, and more.
  • You want to become your own health coach and formalize your knowledge so that you can feel confident to take your health into your own hands, and help loved ones do the same.
  • You want to study with an institution that provides multidimensional support so that you can successfully complete the program despite not having prior nutrition knowledge or previous study experience.
  • You are open to exploring and learning about new modalities that you can use to improve your health.
  • You have a busy schedule and are looking for a program that you can complete in your own time around your lifestyle.

After Completing the Food Matters
Nutrition Certification Program You Will:

  • Be able to identify which foods to eat and which to avoid to help heal and nourish the body and improve gut issues, inflammation, hormonal issues, chronic disease, and more.
  • Know how to fill your pantry and fridge with foods that will nourish your body and help to boost your immunity, longevity, energy, and regain your vitality.
  • Be qualified to use your Food Matters Nutrition Certification to not only improve your health using nutrition but also help others do the same, creating a positive impact in their lives.
  • Understand the importance of biochemical individuality and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to nutrition and health and how to apply this principle to your own life.
  • Know how to utilize nutrition and natural healing methods to handle any future health issues that arise, ensuring you stay healthier for longer.
  • Be able to apply practical solutions in your everyday life that will help reinforce the importance of using food as medicine.

Take a Look Inside the Program

We believe we’ve created the world’s best (and most beautiful), online nutrition certification program. But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video below featuring our Student Advisor & In House Nutritionist, Kayla, to see just how easy it is to navigate through the program.

How The Nutrition Certification Program Works

Your success is our success! We’ve designed the program to be easy to complete around your own schedule so that you can jump right in, and start seeing improvements in your health TODAY!

Program Overview

Module 1: Dietary Theory & Food Fundamentals

In this module, we will establish the foundational knowledge you’ll use to understand fundamental nutrition principles while preparing you for the following modules.


  • Lesson 1. Understanding Nutrition & Biochemical-Individuality with Christa Orecchio
  • Lesson 2. Using Food as Medicine with Dr. Mark Hyman
  • Lesson 3. Nourishing Foods: Part 1 with Christa Orecchio
  • Lesson 4. Nourishing Foods: Part 2 with Christa Orecchio
  • Lesson 5. Nourishing Foods: Part 3 with Christa Orecchio
  • Lesson 6. Eating to Suit Your Body’s Needs with McKel Hill
  • Lesson 7. Living in Alignment with Your Biological Design with Daniel Vitalis
  • Lesson 8. The Psychology of Eating: The Missing Ingredient with Marc David

Module 2: Nutrition in the 21st Century

To understand the power of nutrition, we first have to understand its role in our lives. By the end of this module, you will understand how to nourish your body according to your bio-individuality.


  • Lesson 1. The Truth About the Food Industry with Vani Hari
  • Lesson 2. The Modern Food System with Sarah Lantz
  • Lesson 3. Foods to Avoid & What to Eat For Vibrant Health & Longevity with John Robbins
  • Lesson 4. Herbicides & The Evolution of Wheat with Cyndi O’Meara
  • Lesson 5. The Evolution of Wheat with Dr. William Davis
  • Lesson 6. The Impact of Chemicals & Additives in Our Food System with Sarah Lantz
  • Lesson 7. Diet Culture & Products to Avoid with Dr. Alejandro Junger
  • Lesson 8. The Physiological Effect of Sugar & Diet Products with Dr. Christiane Northrup
  • Lesson 9. How to Read a Food Label with Sarah Lantz
  • Lesson 10. Decoding Food Labels with Mike Adams
  • Lesson 11. You Are What You Eat with David Wolfe

Module 3: Understanding Nutrients & Superfoods

In this module, you will learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiencies in the body and increase the absorption of nutrients using superfoods, herbs, and natural supplements.


  • Lesson 1. Nutrients 101: Part 1 with Christa Orecchio
  • Lesson 2. Nutrients 101: Part 2 with Christa Orecchio
  • Lesson 3. The Truth About Fat with Udo Erasmus
  • Lesson 4. A Plant-Based Approach to Calcium, Protein & B12 with Elizabeth Rider
  • Lesson 5. Know Your Vitamins & Minerals + Top Deficiencies with Christa Orecchio
  • Lesson 6. Acid & Alkaline Foods with Christa Orecchio
  • Lesson 7. Optimizing Health & Vitamin C Therapy with Dr. Ian Brighthope
  • Lesson 8. Nutrient Therapy for Depression, Alcoholism & Heart Disease with Dr. Andrew Saul
  • Lesson 9. The Powerful Benefits of Superfoods with David Wolfe
  • Lesson 10. Choosing The Best Drinking Water with Daniel Vitalis
  • Lesson 11. Hydration: Eating Your Water with Susan Teton
  • Lesson 12. Graceful Aging: Building a Body to Last a Lifetime with Susan Teton

Module 4: The Power of Detoxification & Cleansing

Understand how your environment, lifestyle, and food choices can aid the body’s natural detoxification pathways or burden them. And then, learn how to use the power of detoxification and cleansing to support the body through sickness and health.


  • Lesson 1. The Problem of All Chronic Disease: Toxicity & Deficiency with Charlotte Gerson
  • Lesson 2. Environmental & Lifestyle Toxicity with Dr. Alejandro Junger
  • Lesson 3. Detoxing 101 with David Wolfe
  • Lesson 4. The Chemical Burden with Sarah Lantz
  • Lesson 5. The Power of Detoxification with Dr. Sandeep Gupta
  • Lesson 6. The Impact of Heavy Metals with Dr. Sandeep Gupta
  • Lesson 7. Toxins in the Dental Industry with Dr. Victor Zeines
  • Lesson 8. Supporting Detoxification Naturally with Dr. Sandeep Gupta
  • Lesson 9. The Benefits of Juicing with Jason Vale
  • Lesson 10. Advanced Detoxification Strategies with David Wolfe
  • Lesson 11. Natural Solutions for Getting Rid of Parasites with David Wolfe

Module 5: Healing Your Gut Naturally

This module will teach you how to maintain a healthy gut microbiome and heal common gut-related issues, including uncomfortable bloating, leaky gut, digestive complaints, and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis rosacea, and more.


  • Lesson 1. The Digestive System Overview with Christa Orecchio
  • Lesson 2. The Impact of Wheat on Gut Health with Dr. Tom O’Bryan
  • Lesson 3. Gut Healing Foods & Foods to Avoid with Sayer Ji
  • Lesson 4. Constipation & Cleansing the Gut with David Wolfe
  • Lesson 5. Ways to Optimize Digestion & The Microbiome with Christa Orecchio
  • Lesson 6. Common Digestive Problems & How to Solve Them Naturally with Christa Orecchio
  • Lesson 7. Leaky Gut & Autoimmune Conditions with Dr. Josh Axe
  • Lesson 8. The Microbiome, Skin-Gut Connection & Gut Permeability with Sayer Ji

Module 6: Decoding Your Hormones & Imbalances

At the end of this module, you will understand how to avoid hormone disruptors and identify which foods to eat to support healthy hormones. Then begin the healing process from specific-hormone related conditions, including menopause symptoms, adrenal fatigue, skin issues, fatigue, low libido, digestive issues, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and more.


  • Lesson 1. What are Hormones? Their Function & The Impact of Poor Nutrition with Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • Lesson 2. Biology of the Endocrine System with Vanessa Lamaro
  • Lesson 3. Hormone Disruptors & How to Avoid Them with Vanessa Lamaro
  • Lesson 4. Hormone Balance & Plant Remedies with David Wolfe
  • Lesson 5. Using Lifestyle, Foods & Herbs to Optimize Hormones Naturally with Vanessa Lamaro
  • Lesson 6. Common Hormonal Imbalances & How to Treat Naturally with Vanessa Lamaro
  • Lesson 7. Managing Menopause Naturally with Dr. Tami Meraglia
  • Lesson 8. Thyroid Health: Disorders & Natural Solutions with Dr. Tami Meraglia
  • Lesson 9. Our Food Choices, Stress & The Art of Managing it All with Dr. Libby Weaver

Module 7: The Impact of Stress & Poor Sleep

In this critical module, learn how to critically evaluate stress levels and the influence that this is having on the sleep cycle. Plus, discover practical stress reduction and sleep-promoting techniques to enable deep healing, rest, and recovery.


  • Lesson 1. Insights Into Emotional Eating with Marc David
  • Lesson 2. The Power of the Mind to Heal with Bruce Lipton
  • Lesson 3. The True Impact of Stress on Our Body with Joe Dispenza
  • Lesson 4. Cortisol Balance & Sleep Cycle with Dr. Alan Christianson
  • Lesson 5. EMF’s & Sleep Disruption with Dave Asprey
  • Lesson 6. Mind-Body Techniques for Better Sleep with Shawn Stevenson
  • Lesson 7. Essential Oils for Sleep & Stress with Dr. Eric Zielinski
  • Lesson 8. Stress Relief Through Grounding with Clint Ober
  • Lesson 9. The Link Between Sleep, Circadian Rhythm & Your Health with Jason Prall

Module 8: Boosting Immunity & Mastering Autoimmune Disease

In this module, you’ll learn about how the immune system functions and its connection to gut health, how to support common autoimmune conditions naturally, and specific herbs and foods to support your immune system from life-threatening viruses to the common cold.


  • Lesson 1. Immunity 101 with Dr. Amina Eastham-Hillier
  • Lesson 2. Autoimmunity & Immune Dysfunction with Dr. Amina Eastham-Hillier
  • Lesson 3. Allergies, Hormones & Gut Inflammation with Dr. Tom O’Bryan
  • Lesson 4. Food Intolerances & Sugar Overload with JJ Virgin
  • Lesson 5. Supporting Autoimmune Disease Naturally with Dr. Amina Eastham-Hillier
  • Lesson 6. Immune-Boosting Medicine Cabinet: Foods & Herbs to Boost Immunity with Dr. Amina Eastham-Hillier
  • Lesson 7. Aromatherapy for Reducing Inflammation & Boosting Immunity with Dr. Eric Zielinski

Module 9: Understanding Chronic Disease & Cancer

Discover how chronic disease and cancer manifests in the body and the contributing factors. Learn about the powerful cancer-fighting foods available today, alternative treatment pathways, and important strategies on how to support a loved one in the process.


  • Lesson 1. The War on Cancer with Dr. Andrew Saul
  • Lesson 2. Vitamin C Therapy & Preventing Cancer with Dr. Andrew Saul
  • Lesson 3. The Cancer & Pharmaceutical Industry with Charlotte Gerson
  • Lesson 4. Common Chronic Diseases & How to Address with Cyrus Khambatta
  • Lesson 5. Inflammation: The Root Cause of Dis-ease in the Body with Cyrus Khambatta
  • Lesson 6. Healing the Gerson Way with Charlotte Gerson
  • Lesson 7. Pharmaceuticals & Their Side Effects with Cyrus Khambatta
  • Lesson 8. Gerson Therapy, Supplementation & Cancer with Dr. Dan Rogers
  • Lesson 9. 15 Foods to Fight Cancer with Liana Werner-Gray
  • Lesson 10. Food, Cholesterol & Inflammation with Udo Erasmus
  • Lesson Bonus Presentation & Meditation: Discovering Mind-Body Techniques for Healing with Jon Gabriel

Module 10: Using Plants as Medicine

From wholefoods and herbs to fungi and essential oils – discover plant compounds that help our bodies to thrive, heal, and perform at their peak. Learn about the herbal remedies that may be used in treatment programs and how to use nature to regain your health.

What sets the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program apart?

1Lifetime access to the Program means you can work through it at your own pace. The average course completion time is under 6 months, but you can choose how much time to dedicate to studying based on your own schedule. Meaning you can dive in and complete it in 3 months, or take it slower and complete it over 12.

2You receive ongoing access to support even after you complete the program. This includes Live Chat, WhatsApp, email, the Private Community, and the Institute’s Student Advisor.

3You will learn from over 50 health experts on a variety of nutrition approaches to gain a well-rounded understanding of nutrition and the importance of biochemical individuality (because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and health).

4The program consists of short audio and video lessons that cater to different learning styles, allowing you to complete the program in a way that suits your schedule and lifestyle best. Plus, you will get a FREE program workbook shipped to your door to help you on your study journey.

5You’ll have access to global membership and insurance through the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC) if you’re inspired to turn your passion for nutrition into a career.


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