Karin Dimitrovova – Inversions


Karin Dimitrovova Inversions

Karin Dimitrovova Inversions, It is THE program for anyone who wants to dive deeper into their inversion practice and master headstands, forearm stands and handstands.

Karin Dimitrovova – Inversions

Karin Dimitrovova - Inversions

“Inversions” is a workshop-based program that covers all you need to know to start and progress in your inversion practice.

It will answer all your questions regarding alignment, technique and proper training for headstands, forearm stands and handstands through a series of workshops + a 2-month training plan.

Are you trying to get upside down but feel stuck?

After reading through hundreds of emails from students, these are the most common issues when it comes to inversions..

“I’m terrified. I don’t want to injure myself.”

“I don’t even think they’re possible for me. I just don’t seem to progress AT ALL.” 

“I have no idea where to even start.”

“It feels like I don’t have enough strength.”

I strongly believe that if you want to develop skills, you need the right plan of action. It doesn’t “just happen” as a byproduct of your usual practice.

There are quite a few elements that have to work synergistically for you to be able to be upside down. It’s a combination of strength, mobility, coordination, balance and correct technique.

In my programs – The Core Play & Beyond Flexibility – we have been mostly focusing on strength and mobility. And now, I want to bring it all together AND introduce the last piece of the puzzle – the correct technique – inside Inversions .

The better your technique and alignment.. the easier it all becomes.

For the first time ever, I’m introducing.. WORKSHOPS (3x!). This longer format allows us to really dive deep into alignment, technique and various questions and worries..

Inside these 3 workshops (headstand, forearm stand and handstand), you’ll discover things like:

‍♀️ why is your line not straight and how to fix it (spoiler alert: it’s probably NOT your core that’s the issue)

how to start when you’re just too afraid

the one cue to think about that will make all the other pieces fall into place

if to jump or not to jump (and why)

why does your clothing matter (and what to wear)

where to put your head / arms / hands

.. and so much more!

In these online workshops, you’ll get as much information as if you have been participating in a physical workshop with me.

I’ll share with you everything I know about Inversions.

But.. there’s even more!

Have you ever come home from a workshop all pumped and ready to go.. only to realize you’re not really sure how to implement what you just learned?

Same! ‍♀️

That’s why I also created a 2-month training plan for you to follow after you go through the workshop(s) of your choice.

During these 2 months, you’ll be supported with all the warm-ups, strength & mobility sessions and skill training you need in order to get upside down.

I believe that this is what makes all of our programs so special – we’re always trying to give you the “step-by-step” and the suggested programming – since training is already hard enough .

And for those of you who enjoy that extra guidance, I made sure to break down ALL the moves AND offer modifications for various levels as separate extra lectures.

I wanted to make sure that the program is accessible for a variety of levels.

The new program “Inversions” consists of 3 workshops + a 2-month training plan to go along with it.

It is THE program for anyone who wants to dive deeper into their inversion practice and master headstands, forearm stands and handstands.

How long does it take?  I made sure that it can fit people with busy schedules. You’ll be practicing 4-6x a week in total. Mostly the practice will take about 25-30 minutes. But 1-2x a week the practice will be longer – about 45 minutes to an hour.

How much content is there?  There’s over 7 hours of professionally filmed content in this program.

This is what you’re getting when you

sign up for “Inversions” today:


  • Inversion Fundamentals
  • Workshop Warm-up
  • Headstand Workshop
  • ​Forearm stand Workshop
  • ​Handstand Workshop

>> 2-MONTH TRAINING PLAN (Phase 1 & 2)

  • Movement Breakdown: All the moves broken down and properly explained
  • ​Warm-up & Activation
  • Strength & Mobility Training
  • Skill Training (Level 1 & 2)


  • Crow to Tripod
  • Forearm stand to Wheel
  • “Lazy” Warm-up

Program Curriculum

Welcome to Inversions!

  • Introduction(1:18)
  • Before we (1:26)
  • How to work with the 2-month training plan(3:40)
  • How to combine the program with other activities(2:32)
  • Disclaimer: The importance of listening to your own body
  • Get in touch with us


  • Introduction(0:52)
  • Inversion Fundamentals(22:46)
  • Workshop Warm-up(15:54)
  • Headstand Workshop(44:09)
  • Forearm stand Workshop(38:33)
  • Handstand Workshop(58:43)

Training (Phase 1): Introduction

  • Introduction(0:30)
  • Schedule

Phase 1: Movement Breakdown

  • Introduction
  • Wrist Flexion(0:50)
  • Wrist Matrix(2:47)
  • First Knuckle Push Up(1:02)
  • Protraction/Retraction(1:25)
  • Seated Swimmers(3:28)
  • Sitting Shoulder Opener(1:00)
  • Wall Circles(4:35)
  • Stick Drill(2:25)
  • Puppy Pose(1:46)
  • Thread the Needle(2:04)
  • Criss Cross Shoulder Stretch(2:24)
  • Shoulder Rolls(1:07)
  • Forearm Plank to Dolphin(1:09)
  • Plank with Protracted Scapula(0:39)
  • Active Cobra(1:04)
  • Boat Pose with Crossed Ankles(1:22)
  • Hollow Body Hold(1:37)
  • 90-90(1:52)
  • Dynamic Front Kick(1:52)
  • Dynamic Side Kick(1:49)
  • Jefferson Curls(3:15)
  • Lifting on Toes(1:02)
  • Leg Extension(2:16)
  • Squat to Press(1:19)
  • Straddle(1:50)
  • Plow Pose(1:45)

Phase 1: Training

  • Warm-up & Activation(15:20)
  • Strength & Mobility Training(35:47)
  • Headstand Skill Work(5:46)
  • Forearm stand Skill Work(5:01)
  • Handstand Skill Work(4:42)
  • Cool Down(13:46)

Training (Phase 2): Introduction

  • Introduction(0:22)
  • Schedule

Phase 2: Movement Breakdown

  • Introduction
  • Wrist Stretch(1:19)
  • Puppy Pose Variation(2:39)
  • Shoulder Dislocates(1:16)
  • Shoulder Dislocates Laying Down(1:36)
  • Shoulder Rotations(2:06)
  • Shoulder Opener(2:04)
  • Swimmers Laying Down(2:17)
  • Dolphin Shrugs(0:39)
  • Shifting the Weight(3:09)
  • 90-90 Progression(2:22)
  • Straddle Lifts(2:38)
  • PNF Hamstring Stretch(2:33)
  • Plow Pose Negatives(1:41)

Phase 2: Training

  • Warm-up & Activation(18:44)
  • Strength & Mobility Training(39:40)
  • Headstand Skill Work(5:46)
  • Forearm stand Skill Work(5:01)
  • Handstand Skill Work(4:42)
  • Cool Down(13:46)


  • Crow to Tripod(1:46)
  • Forearm Stand to Wheel(3:00)
  • Lazy Warm-up(9:05)

That’s it!

  • That’s it!(0:31)


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It is THE program for anyone who wants to dive deeper into their inversion practice and master headstands, forearm stands and handstands. File Size: 6.76 GB

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