Mike Salemi – Mastering the Kettlebell Online Course (Full Program)


Mike Salemi Mastering the Kettlebell Online Course (Full Program)

Mike Salemi Mastering the Kettlebell Online Course (Full Program), While this program is incredible in its depth, it only involves (and takes) one kettlebell to perform…

Mike Salemi – Mastering the Kettlebell Online Course (Full Program)

Mike Salemi - Mastering the Kettlebell Online Course (Full Program)


  • While this program is incredible in its depth, it only involves (and takes) one kettlebell to perform and covers the foundational lifts. I truly believe that with mastery of what I teach in the program, you will be set up to take kettlebells as far as you’d like to go- advanced movements, double kettlebell lifts, kettlebell “flows”, even entering a competition.
  • Above all, gain rare insight into my overall thought process.  This way you can assess different training scenarios and use critical thinking skills to come up with an optimal solution.  To do this it truly does take a comprehensive system – and system being a keyword.
  • It took me 12 months of work to outline organize and complete this training. My life’s work – all the struggles and successes- are reflected in it.  So you and your clients can be set up for success.

Program Curriculum


Starting Up: 6 Videos

Grips And Positions: 6 Videos

Deadlift: 53 Videos

Swing: 77 Videos

Clean: 57 Videos​

Snatch: 76 Videos

Presses and Jerks: 63 Videos

Get Up: 73 Videos

Squat: 43 Videos

Lunge: 51 Videos

Row: 40 Videos

Bonus: 21 Videos

Help The Most Dedicated Athletes

Achieve Dominance

If you’re ready to move beyond being just another local fitness instructor, then you’ve got to find a way to differentiate yourself from the pack.

It’s easier said than done.

In addition to finding your own unique selling proposition, life as a personal trainer has a never ending supply of business challenges. Over the past 15 years, the main problems I faced while attempting to make a name for myself while growing my business were…

  • Prospecting for new clients
  • Retaining existing customers
  • Finding better paying clients who are more devoted
  • Making sure each person gets great results
  • Tending to my own fitness goals without burning out

You’ve got to deal with each of these moving parts.  Yet you still have to find ways to set yourself apart as a coach.

Most people in our industry quit before reaching their ultimate goals.

I almost quit…but I’m forever grateful that I didn’t before I discovered a particular type of training that put me in the position to work with elite athletes worldwide.

Once you acquire this knowledge and put it into practice, devoted people will start seeking you out for training.

A World-Class 11-Module Program Designed
Specifically For Personal Trainers

I call this program, Mastering the Kettlebell, because mastery is an ongoing process.

We are always learning, evolving and continually improving.  I want you to connect with this idea, remain humble, and truly fall in love with the process.

I’ll get into my program details in just a moment…

First, let’s explore why this type of fitness training has started to grow in favor over isolation routines.

Kettlebells are nothing new.

They’ve been around since the 1700’s as a staple in Russian farming markets.

The weights were measured in “poods”- which is about 36.11 pounds.

Kettlebells were such a common tool that they were commonly available throughout many homes.

People began throwing the weights for entertainment.  Soon, festivals embraced the activity as a new kind of strongman competition.

Kettlebell training eventually made its way into Russian military training.  The last emperor, Czar Nicholas II, was impressed by their ability to increase strength.  So, he ordered his military to train with them.

Kettlebell training has been a mainstay in Russia ever since.

It wasn’t long before this type of training began to make way around the world.  Germans began using them in the 18th Century.  Americans were introduced to them by the early 1900’s.

Kettlebells fell out of favor in the U.S. shortly after the 40’s and 50’s.  Possibly due to World War II.  Nobody knows for certain.

But in 2011, this astonishing strength training started clawing its way back to mainstream popularity in the West.

Now thousands of athletes are secretly enjoying domination over peers in many physical sports.  Just like the Russians enjoy dominance in Olympic wrestling.

Here’s why …

Isolation workouts aren’t very practical.  While they can make physiques look fantastic from an aesthetic perspective, they still have serious limitations.These routines don’t help with improving …

  • Function and mobility
  • Speed
  • Hand grip (which tends to suffer tremendously)
  • Balance
  • Total body strength

That’s simply not the case when you take world-class kettlebell training like mine.

The depth of knowledge and real world experience I’ve amassed after 15+ years training as both an athlete and coach is unrivaled.

This is truly an integrative/holistic program that considers the individual first.I make sure you can approach working out with kettlebell weights for the long haul safely.

Before you even put a kettlebell in your hand, I give you a foundation then assess your abilities for each type of kettlebell lift.

If you are ready and motivated to begin this journey with me, it’s time to get started!

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While this program is incredible in its depth, it only involves (and takes) one kettlebell to perform... File Size: 33.0 GB

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