Pat Ogden – PESI – Pat Ogden’s Complex Trauma Master Class – Sensorimotor Psychotherapy in Action


Pat Ogden PESI Pat Ogden’s Complex Trauma Master Class Sensorimotor Psychotherapy in Action

Pat Ogden PESI Pat Ogden’s Complex Trauma Master Class Sensorimotor Psychotherapy in Action, Experience Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: the life-changing approach thatuniquely…

Pat Ogden – PESI – Pat Ogden’s Complex Trauma Master Class – Sensorimotor Psychotherapy in Action

Pat Ogden - PESI - Pat Ogden’s Complex Trauma Master Class - Sensorimotor Psychotherapy in Action

Experience Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: the life-changing approach that
uniquely combines body-based healing with the power of parts therapy

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) is one of the field’s most powerful approaches for working with complex trauma and dissociative disorders. Hailed by master clinicians including Bessel van der Kolk and Janina Fisher, SP has revolutionized our ability to provide deep and profound healing from trauma and other disorders.

The challenge for clinicians everywhere is that it’s difficult to understand and implement Sensorimotor Psychotherapy unless you see it demonstrated… and opportunities to do that, especially online, have been rare and hard to come by.

Until now! We’ve partnered with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy founder Pat Ogden to bring you this exclusive master class where you’ll experience SP in action with three re-created client cases!

Go inside the therapy room! Watch, step-by-step, master therapist Pat Ogden
transform complex trauma symptoms with three client scenarios

Through three powerful Zoom session videos and moment-by-moment commentary… you’ll get an inside view of exactly how to use SP interventions, whether you’re seeing clients in-person or online!

PLUS, register today and get exclusive access to two recorded, 75-minute video consultation calls with Pat Ogden where you’ll hear one of the masters in the field respond to real clinical cases.

Register today to get a rare glimpse into the work of one of the most innovative clinicians of our time!


Access three client demonstration sessions, featuring Pat Ogden working with a method actor/trauma therapist playing the role of the client.

This is your rare opportunity to see how SP is actually applied in-session!

Module 1 | Decoding Complex Trauma by Interpreting Body Language

View a full SP therapy session, from start to finish!

Meet a client “May,” who feels isolated and lacks meaningful relationships in her life. She complains of a “shielding” in her chest that blocks her from connecting to others. Watch as Pat Ogden masterfully identifies the conflict playing out between May’s internal parts – and how she leverages the power of self-touch, posture, and movement to help the client’s parts work collaboratively to release trauma held in the body.

Module 2 | Posture and Self-Touch: Tools for Healing Trauma

Here, we meet “Anita,” an individual with low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety resulting from a history of severe trauma.

Watch as Pat Ogden works with Anita’s chronically slumped posture and ongoing “tension” in her belly using self-touch and mindfulness that help free the part suffering from low self-esteem.

Module 3 | Overcoming Body Phobia: Addressing Fear and Disgust of the Body

In this final session, you’ll meet “Sonia,” a client who has a severe history of childhood abuse. Like many trauma survivors, she’s terrified of her own body, which leads her to disassociate and makes her hesitant to take part in body therapy.

In this session, Pat Ogden uses a variety of interventions to help Sonia begin to connect with her body in a positive way. You’ll get insight to the homework that Pat provides her client for further healing.

This is a real and raw session that will show you how to work with a difficult complex trauma case – even when your initial go-to interventions aren’t successful.

When you register today, you’ll receive 3 FREE bonuses (a $279.97 value!)

Two recorded 75-minute video consultation calls with Pat Ogden ($159.99 value)

Listen to Pat Ogden respond to real clinical questions that provide expert insight into complex trauma treatment.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy:
Body Oriented Therapy Techniques for Trauma and the Attachment ($59.99 value)

The body’s intelligence is largely an untapped resource in psychotherapy.

Few educational programs in psychology or counseling emphasize how to draw on the wisdom of the body to support therapeutic change, leaving therapists mostly dependent on a client’s verbal narrative. Yet the story told by the “somatic narrative”—gesture, posture, prosody, facial expressions, eye gaze, and movement—is arguably more significant than the story told by the words.

This seminar will elucidate the wisdom of the body and how to tap the body itself to support therapeutic goals.

How are Women Socialized Differently, How Does this Show Up
in Our Bodies ($59.99 value)

The socialization of girls and women leaves a profound imprint on our bodies and minds.

The legacy of gender socialization strongly influences what we considered to be gender-appropriate beliefs, norms, attitudes and behaviors, leading not only to a higher rate of traumatic stress and other difficulties for girls and women, but also to particular resources and competencies.

Drawing on research, cultural differences, client material and personal experience, this seminar reveals the complexity of gender socialization for girls and women and offers body-oriented interventions to address it.


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