Stephen Guise & Laura Avnaim – Weight Loss for Life with Mini Habits


Stephen Guise & Laura Avnaim Weight Loss for Life with Mini Habits

Stephen Guise & Laura Avnaim Weight Loss for Life with Mini Habits, Stop Dieting, Make Healthy Living Easy, and Form New Habits

Stephen Guise & Laura Avnaim – Weight Loss for Life with Mini Habits

Stephen Guise & Laura Avnaim - Weight Loss for Life with Mini Habits

Stop Dieting, Make Healthy Living Easy, and Form New Habits

What you’ll learn

  • Discover the surprising scientific link between dieting and long-term weight gain
  • Learn to create daily mini habits—the easiest and most reliable way to change your behavior and lose weight
  • Win the temptation war, even if you lose some battles
  • Completely eradicate feelings of guilt and shame in regards to your diet and weight
  • Learn clever strategies to make smarter choices in grocery shopping, snacking, home eating, and more
  • See the perils of calorie restriction, low-carb diets, cheat days, and other dieting mainstays
  • Learn to succeed every day, and leverage that into more success (Success Cycling)
  • Prioritize consistency over individual wins, and reap the rewards!
  • SUMMARY: You’ll learn the ins and outs of the world’s best behavior change strategy, see its key advantages over other strategies, and approach weight loss in a smarter way than you ever have before!


This Is the Best Behavior Change Strategy In the World

The original Mini Habits book is in 17 languages worldwide. Its used by psychologists, doctors, and teachers and has improved the habits of thousands. Why? The strategy works. And now it’s found the perfect application—weight loss.

You will never diet again.

Weight Loss for Life With Mini Habits is not a new diet, it’s a habit-driven solution for weight loss. If you can build healthier eating and movement habits, you will naturally lose weight. It’s not only more effective than dieting, it’s easier and more enjoyable!

Did you know that dieting has been shown in long-term studies to cause weight gain, even over doing nothing? In a nutshell, dieting causes weight gain in the long run because it’s unsustainable (for you, your body, and your brain) and triggers countermeasures. Mini habits are sustainable and gentle changes, so they don’t have that unfortunate outcome.

You can build an ironclad habitual foundation to support a healthier lifestyle and weight for years to come.

Mini habits play by the rules of your brain and body. They slip under the radar of your change-averse mind, and don’t trigger the metabolic countermeasures that extreme strategies like calorie restriction do. Not only that, but mini habits are fun, weightless, and shame-free behaviors that you can integrate into your busy life. We won’t ask you to overhaul your life overnight, because that’s an impossible (and very ineffective) strategy.

Presentation Style: Awesome

Whoa now… what’s that? You thought this was going to be a talking head for 6 hours? Ha!

Our previous course, Mini Habit Mastery, has over 14,000 students and is well known for being one of the most entertaining and useful courses on Udemy. We’ve taken it up three notches for this course, with better equipment, more content, higher quality editing, and enlisting professional voice actor Troy W. Hudson to help us out.

We don’t believe a boring course helps anyone to learn, so we are going to keep you engaged while delivering the most effective weight loss solution you’ve ever seen.

We have TEN different presentation styles: talks, demonstrations, skits, animated illustrations, comics, Coffee Break Wrap Ups to recap every module’s critical lessons, studies brought to life, discussion videos, the most entertaining slides you’ve ever seen, and of course, spoofmercials.

People ask me why this course took 2 years to make, when a lot of other video courses are made in 2 weeks. The answer is creativity and quality. You’ll see a marked difference between this and every other course on Udemy. We care about you and your experience, and want this course to be useful, relevant, and reviewable for you for decades. We want this to be the last weight loss course you take.

Science: It’s There, But Not Sleep-Inducing

There’s quite a bit of science in this course, but you should know by now that we’re not going to bore you too much with it. Nevertheless, it’s important to know that this information isn’t just my opinion. I analyzed hundreds of studies and paid extra attention to longer-term studies, which show real results. Any short-term study can show successful weight loss, but those don’t consider how your body will respond over time.

Weight Loss and Mini Habits: A Perfect Match

I was fascinated to find that the body reacts to dieting just as the brain reacts to extreme behavior change—it tries to stop it. Mini habits are special because they won’t trigger this neurological or biological resistance. Mini habits are the smartest way to lose weight for real.

This course is a wild, 6-hour ride that you’ll never forget. We can’t wait to see you inside!


Stephen Guise (with Co-Instructor Laura Avnaim)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has tried dieting or calorie counting and failed
  • People who want to get healthier and lose weight for life (not just one summer)
  • Those interested in how the brain and body interact when it comes to weight
  • Anyone interested in the science behind why people regain weight after dieting
  • Those interested in creating good habits for healthy sustained living

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