Trena Little – Video Strategy Academy 3.0


Trena Little Video Strategy Academy 3.0

Trena Little Video Strategy Academy 3.0, If you aren’t getting enough leads and you are putting MORE EFFORT into content creation… with FEWER sales… It’s Time For The RIGHT…

Trena Little – Video Strategy Academy 3.0

Trena Little - Video Strategy Academy 3.0

If you aren’t getting enough leads and you are putting MORE EFFORT into content creation… with FEWER sales…

It’s Time For The RIGHT YouTube Strategy That Can Drive You Sales AROUND.THE.CLOCK.


  • Tapped out with all the content creationprocess you’re already doing
  • Overwhelmed at the thought of staying consistent on YouTube… will it ACTUALLY pay off
  • Nervous to show up on camera(or let’s be real… get camera ready!)
  • Totally lost at what equipment you even needto get started
  • Worried all your efforts will end up being an even BIGGER waste of time, money, and resources
  • Exhausted thinking about dedicating more time to social media
  • Frustrated when it comes to creating a YouTube strategy

And lets talk about that content creation…

It’s SOOO time consuming and results from each post just doesn’t last long…

  • An average Facebook post’slife span is 6 HOURS
  • An average Instagram post’s life span is 48 HOURS
  • Even the new belle of ball, Instagram Reels – Averagelife span 14 days (if you’re lucky)

But a YouTube video can literally generate new leads for YEARS.

Let’s make sure the time you put into ACTUALLY doing your hair and make-up turns into cash in your bank with my program:

Video Strategy Academy 3.0

VSA 3.0 is the COMPLETE YouTube system for business owners ready to create content that lives longer than a Tik Tok dance fad and drive sales for YEARS to come… without AD SPEND!

Possible for businesses of ALL sizes!

✅ Solopreneur ✅ Teams of one or two ✅ Teams of many

This is your fast track system to unlocking the secrets behind just throwing any video up on YouTube, to seeing a spike in sales every single time you publish a new video.

  • Have your channel working for you in 30 days or less with the Fast Action Playbook to avoid any more procrastinating.
  • Learn the 4:1 video planning method so you canfilm a MONTH of videos in just one day  (Yes, that means only doing your hair and make-up once a month!)
  • Watch your site traffic and sales increase with each published video even if you are STRUGGLING to get sales and traffic now
  • Know that you have consistent trust-building content for your audience (so you can make more sales and book more clients)
  • Build a no-overwhelm system for filming videos ‍♀️ every single month even if you’ve NEVER done YouTube videos before
  • Lessen the amount of content you are creating by knowing your YouTube videos are doing all the hard work for you

Watch the stress of unstable ad strategies and flash in the pan social media trends all melt away with your new “Customers On Tap” YouTube plan!

Here’s what’s included:

PART 1: Implementation Plan To YouTube Success

  • 6 Week implementation plan to have your channel up, running and driving leads in 6 weeks
  • Asana template to use for quick referencesto checklists, timelines and dates to actually get through the program
  • Active Facebook community with bi-weekly Q and A Callsso you always have someone to get you “unstuck”.

(Value: $997)

PART 2: YouTube Launch (or Relaunch) Roadmap For Success

  • Learn WHATyour first video should be, HOW many videos you need to have when your channel launches, and how long they should be.
  • Make sure youhave your channel set up for the YouTube algorithm

(channel keywords, About section, channel banner)

  • Complete workflow for promoting your videosto get the algorithm LOVING you!

(Value: $297)

PART 3: YouTube Video Blueprint (that people actually watch)

  • Get my EXACT YouTube video game plan so you know exactly what to say, and when to say it in your videos.
  • Examples of great title and thumbnail combinations to ENSURE your audience clicks on your videos.
  • The secrets to adding more engagement and entertainment into your videosthat will get people to the end and ready to work with you NOW.

(Value: $297)

PART 4: Compounding Formula for Channel Growth

  • What you should be looking at when you publish your video to get it to

reach MORE people.

  • How to audit the data YouTube providesyou to give it MORE of what’s working.
  • Learn how to create even better, higher reaching content when you feed the algorithm what it wants!

(Value: $397)

PART 5: Sustainability and Profitability Guide

  • Our Firework Strategy – our secret sauce to making the algorithm happy and making sales in our business!
  • Learn and implementthe power of batching with my batching process SOP.
  • Process to going back and fixing older videosso they can compound growth for you as well!

(Value: $197)

PART 6: Strategic Repurpose Plan

  • The 5 ways to using YouTube content on Instagramthat isn’t just cutting your video up into clips.
  • blog and Pinterest strategyto really grow your website’s SEO!
  • Streamline all the content you need to createin your video with our YouTube repurpose workflow.

(Value: $397)


This isn’t just your average “course”, you aren’t going to do this alone! Every other week, join our weekly Zoom call for accountability and feedback on your work.

You aren’t going to do this alone! Every other week, join our weekly Zoom call.

  • Twice A Month Q&A Call– Need Trena and her team to help you “get unstuck” with your YouTube strategy or just need advice on what video you should film next, you are going to love the coaching call!
  • Facebook community to connect with other business owners starting their channels and get support from our team!
  • Even if you ONLY join for these calls, itmakes your investment TOTALLY worth it (ex: I charge $750 an hour for strategy calls!) Plus these calls aren’t going anywhere, you get life time access to these coaching calls.

How do you know if we’re a match made in YouTube heaven?

Video Strategy Academy 3.0 is perfect for you if…

  • You know you’re DANG good at what you do … you just need someone to show you the ropes on the whole YouTube thing, because you know YouTube is the next right thing for you.
  • You’ve dabbled with putting up a few Facebook Lives, Insta Reels, TikToks, or short-screen trainings on YouTube (or IGTV!), but you’re NOT seeing any results.
  • Your freebies, opt-ins, and masterclasses are worth their weight in gold, and you just need more people to know about them!
  • You don’t mind a little hand-holding when it comes to learning YouTube strategy and the video creation process, ‘cause you love to get feedback to make your content perform and look better!
  • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves, figure this YouTube thing out, and leave the fear and imposter syndrome in the dust, and getting your business a little bit closer to running on auto-pilot.

Video Strategy Academy 3.0 is NOT a good fit for you if…

  • You’re unwilling to learn new skills,put in the work to make YouTube happen, and commit to posting videos on YouTube!
  • You don’t want to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself on videoor even try to film a video.
  • You’re not open to finding creative solutionsto make it possible to film video content in your home or workspace.
  • You’d rather figure this all out on your ownbecause you think it’s JUST about finding the perfect SEO keywords… you don’t think it will be THAT hard.
  • You’d rather keep doing things the way you’ve always done theminstead of finding ways to grow yourself so you can truly grow your business.
  • You’d like to just keep bleeding money with Facebook ads costing going up.


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If you aren't getting enough leads and you are putting MORE EFFORT into content creation... with FEWER sales... It's Time For The RIGHT...

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