The Prehab Guys The FOOT & ANKLE [P]REHAB PROGRAM, Improve Foot & Ankle Health & Supercharge Lower Body Performance Anytime, Anywhere



Improve Foot & Ankle Health & Supercharge Lower Body Performance Anytime, Anywhere

This 3-month Foot & Ankle Physical Therapy Program is available now, through our revolutionary [P]rehab on-demand app!

Built by world-renowned Doctors of Physical Therapy & Fitness Experts. Over $4,000 in value compared to in-person physical therapy alternatives.

Take Control Of Top Foot & Ankle Health Issues, While Preventing Future Lower Body Injuries

“The most complete foot & ankle strengthening program you’ll ever need in your life”

Foot & Ankle Pehab teaches you how to mobilize, strengthen, and build resiliency to take on both old and new meaningful challenges that life gives you.

This program is designed to improve your overall lower extremity health and promote injury prevention.

Taking care of your foot & ankle will have additional benefits at areas like the knee & hip as it’s truly the foundation to your lower body!

  • 7-day no questions asked free trial
  • Zero wait times, no hidden fees, no barriers to entry
  • Improve your mobility with Foot & Ankle prehab exercises
  • Build strong, balanced feet with foundational strengthening exercises & ankle stabilization drills
  • Prevent future Foot & Ankle injuries with comprehensive lower body & core exercises and education
  • Appropriate for any fitness level or exercise experience
  • Available on-demand, anytime, anywhere via our revolutionary app.


Common Problems With The Traditional Healthcare Path

  • Lack of access to quality in-person care or knowledge
  • Lack of time in your schedule or lifestyle for in-person services
  • Lack of financial resources or insurance benefits
  • Not in control of your health outcome – having to wait on tedious appointments or services
  • Over-prescribed medication and reliance on ineffective medical interventions
  • Tedious, insufficient results & not knowing what doesn’t work

You will find NONE of these problems with the [P]rehab app!

We’ve designed a solution that eliminates all of these pain points and delivers the results you want as fast as possible!

Program Schedule

Week 1

The foundational hip hinge pattern is introduced, meanwhile balance & proprioception is challenged in multiple planes of movement & on different surfaces.

Week 2

Learn our favorite way to loosen up the ankle with a contract-relax method coupled with exercises that promote frontal plane foot & hip strengthening at the same time.

Week 3

This week we’re focused on unlocking midfoot mobility & introducing eccentric exercises. Then we finish off with stimulating balance & hip strengthening exercises!

Week 4

More eccentric calf strength is part of the agenda coupled with progressive single leg strengthening exercises that focus on single limb stability.

Week 5

This week we’re focused on a heavy dose of single leg work! With the foundational work in place, we can really start to push total lower body strengthening hitting those glutes, hammys, quads, and calves!

Week 6

Big toe mobility is addressed while strengthening the soleus muscle in a unique fashion.

Week 7

It’s time to make gains with getting your knees over your toes for ankle mobility along with single leg balance and stability in all planes of movement!

Week 8

Big toe mobility is getting loaded! Meanwhile, the reaching exercises are getting progressively more challenging to build dynamic ankle stability!

Week 9

This week is all about challenging your foot & hip stability with unique strengthening & stabilization exercises. Get ready to learn new movements!

Week 10

Important exercises are revisited while new ones are added to the mix to truly prehab your legs from the ground up! We’re combining some serious lower body & core strength demands, get ready!

Week 11

Low-level impact exercises are introduced while the full lower body strengthening protocol is progressed with your balance being put to the test.

Week 12

You’re so close to bulletproofing your ankles! Finish strong with our favorite foot & ankle prehab exercises!

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Over the past six years as Doctors of Physical Therapy, we have seen a plethora of patients with different kinds of aches, pains, and injuries. The interesting fact was that most of these issues could have been managed or even prevented if people had a solution to quality exercise & education information they could access anywhere, at any time.

Thus, to give power & health back to the people, we pioneered the anti-barrier solution using the latest evidence-based research, technology, and our clinical experience. Our programs are safe & effective; they feature preventative rehabilitation exercises & education that teach you how to get out of pain, avoid injury, and optimize your health.

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